5 Reasons Why YOU Need a Cheat Day in Your Diet!

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The concept of the cheat day goes like this…Once a week, you should pick an entire day or a single meal, where you go all out and eat whatever the hell you want. Sounds crazy, I know! On one hand, its nice to have a day to look forward to where you can forget about your eating constraints and go wild. On the other hand, if your goal is to have maximum results, then a cheat day really doesn’t make sense.


Im definitely in favor of the cheat day, and here’s why:


1) The cheat day gives you better control and understanding of your cravings– I used to crave chips, candy, ice cream, and chocolate all throughout the week. Having a designated cheat day allows you to recognize these cravings for what they are and put them off to a later date. This gives you a more clear understanding of which foods are worth it and which ones aren’t.


2) The cheat day makes eating healthier easier- When you know that you can eat whatever you want at least once a week, its an added bonus to eat really well when you’re supposed to.


3) The cheat day takes the permanent feeling away from dieting- The biggest reason people fail on diets is not because its unsustainable, its because they give up, thinking it will become unsustainable. Its a terrible feeling to have to say I can never eat Oreos again! On your cheat day, not only can you eat Oreos again, but you can eat the whole bag with a half gallon of milk to wash down the pizza and beer you just had.


4) The cheat day makes you appreciate the taste of junk food so much more- When you’ve made it through a week of eating lean meats, vegetables, and nuts, your tastebuds will notice every little flavor of the piece of chocolate you get to indulge in.


5) The cheat day makes you appreciate the feeling of eating healthy so much more- This is the reason that I recommend going all out on your cheat day. When you binge, you’re usually left feeling tired and sluggish. When you get back to eating healthy, you will become addicted to the feeling of being energized and looking good.


Guidelines for the cheat day:


Cheat day must take place from midnight to midnight on any given day. Don’t try to scam the system by having Mcdonald’s Friday night, French toast with whipped cream on Saturday, and 5 beers on Sunday. You want to narrow your cheat down to a specific day and eat as perfect as possible on the other days.


Start your cheat day just as you would any other healthy day. If you’re able to get a short workout in with a healthy breakfast you will enjoy your cheat day a lot more and limit the damage as much as possible.


Cheat days are best used for social occasions where the temptation of food is at its highest. Plus it’s fun to have someone compliment you on how you’ve lost weight and look great and then have them see you stuff your face with half a cheesecake!


Don’t let cheat day foods stay in the house past the cheat day. The best way to avoid this is to eat out for your cheat meal. If its in the house, you will eat it!


As you begin to have more success on your diet, start to narrow down your cheat days to just one meal instead of an entire day. Then progress to moving them once every 10 days or 2 weeks if possible. This will allow you to really take your body and health to the next level!


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