Domino’s Unveils New Gluten Free Pizza

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Domino’s new gluten free pizza isn’t exactly perfect but its a step in the right direction. Domino’s claims to be reaching out to people with celiac disease who cannot enjoy pizza, but it turns out that they couldn’t even get a recommendation from The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness because the pizzas are still produced in kitchens where gluten is present.

So much for that lost cause right?

This seems to be the thinking of a lot of the comments I’ve read from different news blogs.  A lot of people seem to think this is a lose-lose for Domino’s because they are trying to provide a product to people with celiac disease but they aren’t exactly reaching that market without being technically compliant with “gluten-free” standards.

I was also really surprised to see how many commenters flat out said, “Gluten free is a fad!” I had to jump in on a couple blogs to defend the “fad” and dared people to give up gluten for a couple weeks.

What people don’t realize right now (because they haven’t been properly educated on nutrition), is that GLUTEN FREE will be a monumental change in this country’s health.  People look at FAT FREE or REDUCED FAT as the standard of health in our supermarkets. Well guess what…Fat does NOT make you fat, and a “FAT FREE FAD” that started over 50 years ago will soon come to an end.

The real nutrition enemies are being exposed one by one!

Gluten, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Vegetable oils (like canola, peanut,soybean,corn), and Sugar (in its many forms) are the real threats to our health.

Domino’s choice of ingredients in their new pizzas shows that they know the research on these paleo diet enemies are coming to light. So instead of using corn based products or vegetable oils, they opted for rice flour, rice starch, potato starch, and olive oil.

Smarter ingredients for sure, but where is the organic tomatoes or full fat cheese from grass-fed cows? :)

I applaud Domino’s for listening. They see a world becoming properly educated about nutrition and demanding changes. They decided they were going to lead instead of fall behind. They put a nice little marketing spin on gluten sensitivity as well.

If only gluten were to be so kind. Here’s the much darker side of gluten.

Gluten is a toxin in our bodies. I will take some points from “Perfect Health Diet” to show how bad gluten is for you.

“Gluten is directly toxic to intestinal cells: it inhibits cell proliferation, increases cellular oxidation products, and changes membrane structure.”

“Wheat triggers gut inflammation in nearly everyone.” “Gluten sabotages the gut, reducing its surface area and impairing digestion.”

Gluten triggers an immune response in the intestine, hoping to remove the toxins, it just makes the intestine more inflamed and can kill the intestinal cells which can lead to leaky guy.

The book also states that only about .4% of people in the world have celiac diseases. This would be a very small market for Domino’s to go after.

Often people with celiac disease suffer from an autoimmune disorder as well, including multiple sclerosis, lupus, type I diabetes, Sjogren syndrome, and Hashimoto’s thyroidits. It also has been linked to higher rates of cancer, especially lymphomas.

If gluten weren’t bad enough, wheat also contains addictive Opioids and damaging WGA (wheat germ agglutinin). WGA is a dangerous lectin that damages the gut, allowing waste to enter the body. It binds to proteins and makes the body form antibodies against them. It can stimulate stomach acid production, and promote overgrowth of bacteria, leading to acid reflux (like I battled with) and stomach ulcers. It binds to insulin receptors, pushing glucose into cells and stopping the release of fat from fat cells (Looking puffy lately?) And last but not least, it interferes with Vitamin D and Calcium which are important in building strong bones.

If all this talk makes you worry about your bread, just read Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health
and you will stop worrying. You will just throw out all your bread and cereal products instead.

If you want to make gluten free pizzas at home, try a recipe that uses spaghetti squash or cauliflower in as the crust. I’ve tried both and both are very yummy. I will post this one in the near future.

This is the only kind of pizza that can be eating without technically being a “cheat meal.”  Domino’s pizza is still far from being a weekly meal staple.

I can’t say for sure if I will be ordering a gluten free pizza anytime soon but I wish Domino’s the best for being innovative and getting ahead of the new health movement.

Keep listening Domino’s and other fast food providers, more and more people are going to demand food that doesn’t make them sick and obese. We are weird people like that.

Domino’s Gluten Free Pizza Promo Video

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