Fat Vs Carbs! Change the Meaning, Change the Outcome!

Posted on 05. Jul, 2011 by in What to Eat

Since fat is not making us fat, and carbs/sugars have basically flown under the radar, I think we need to change our language to reflect what is really going on in our society.  So moving forward I think we  should just replace any word that means fat or overweight with some version of  carbs.

For instance:

“That fettucini alfredo and ice cream was delicious!  But I feel so carbed now.”

“I better get back in the gym, Ive really been packing on the carbs lately!”

“I need to go on a diet!  I gained 10 lbs of carbs on my vacation!”

“You look great!  How many carbs have you lost?”

I think that language contributes more to our problems than we think.  Why do most people look at low-fat as a viable long-term solution(think skim milk or extra lean meats), but low-carb is just a short-term gimmick(think Atkins)?   Anybody who has tried either for a considerable amount of time knows that low-carb flat out works!  Our bodies are meant to use fat as a primary fuel  source and until there’s enough fat coming in from the food we eat, we will  never use our stored fat for energy.

Its time for our society to open its eyes to what’s really making us unhealthy.  Why not start with the language we use?

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