Father’s Day Paleo Gift Basket – Show Dad You Care

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It’s two days before Father’s Day and I know some of you are reading this saying, “that’s this weekend?” I know, it seems like we were just celebrating Mother’s day just a couple days ago. If you’re like me, you probably haven’t gotten Dad anything just yet.

Sure you had good intentions. You saw several things that you wanted to get for him months ago and said, “O I’m definitely getting him that for Father’s Day when it gets closer.”  Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it’s pretty darn close now.


Waiting until the last minute can actually help sometimes because it forces you to get real creative, real fast. This is how my Father’s Day Paleo Basket was born.

The Paleo basket is a mish-mosh of whatever you want it to be (within Paleo standards of course). And with only two days to go, whatever it can be based on the stores you can go to.

Forget the traditional stores for shopping for Dad this year. No Home Depot or Sears or Macy’s. I will speak for him when I say “he’s pretty good on ties.” Instead, this year hit up Costco, Whole Foods, and a local Farmer’s Market or market type store.

By getting Dad a Paleo gift basket, you not only show him you care deeply about his health. But you can also guarantee that you are actually giving him something he will definitely use.


To make this basket I just grabbed Paleo approved stuff I already had around the house.  Had I actually planned this and gone shopping first, I probably would have included more nuts like almonds or macadamia nuts since that’s probably my dad’s favorite part about Paleo. (He also hates it because he overindulges on them and can’t stay away from them.)

But it all depends on what you think YOUR DAD will like.

What I put in this basket:






Extra Virgin Olive Oil & a Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar  (A great mix for salads)

Canned Wild Sockeye Salmon & Avocado (Check out one of my favorite recipes using both of these.)

Cacao powder (Great for protein shakes. Cacao is chocked full of antioxidants.)

Lindt chocolate bar with 85% Cacao (Under 70% usually has too much sugar and too little cacao to benefit you.)

Coconut oil (my new favorite cooking ingredient as well as a snack just eating it straight!)

Coconut chips (more so used for baking but can also be used for snacking)

Almond Butter (my Dad’s downfall in butter form)

Other options can include: nuts, fruits, or maybe a supplement like fish oil. Or maybe even throw in some bacon or a block of Kerry gold butter. It’s your basket, be creative.


The pictures are links to Amazon to see more info on some of these products (Purchasing stuff from Amazon through our site links helps keep this site going and we greatly appreciate it.)

I want to wish all our Dad’s out there a very Happy Father’s Day.

Andrew and I are so thankful to our dad for raising us with such care and love. He taught us the importance of family and how it will trump anything else in our life.  He showed us that building a strong family is way more important than building the most successful business. He is an amazing coach and still teaches us everyday. It’s through his teachings that makes my brother and I strong coaches as well. We realize the importance of having a strong, positive coach like him in our corner and we hope to be that coach for so many fellow Superhumans out there.

We’d love to hear your comments below, even if you just want to say something special about your Dad for Father’s Day.

Update: Here is a pic of the actual basket I ended up giving my dad for Father’s Day. We Love You Dad.


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2 Responses to “Father’s Day Paleo Gift Basket – Show Dad You Care”

  1. La Cucina DI Kait

    17. Jun, 2012

    who ever gets that basket is one lucky father!

    • LivingSuperhuman

      18. Jun, 2012

      Yup he is! But we are even luckier sons to have him as our dad!

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