Is Paleo Mainstream Now That These Celebrities Are Doing It?

Posted on 24. Apr, 2012 by in Lifestyle

Recently a bunch of celebri­ties have made it pub­lic that they have been fol­low­ing “Paleo” or Paleo-like diets and mak­ing their hatred for gluten and sug­ars known. Celebri­ties like Jes­sica Biel, Miley Cyrus, Megan Fox, Miss USA 2011 Shan­non Ford, Eva La Rue, and pro­fes­sional dude Matthew McConaughey all fol­low Paleo diets.

Even Kim Kar­dashian has recently stated she’s start­ing to cut out wheat, gluten, and dairy. If that booty starts slim­ming down then you know why.

Ath­letes like Steve Nash and Grant Hill have also real­ized the power of Paleo and it has helped them extend their bas­ket­ball game into their elder years (late 30s). While not divulging the secrets of an NFL Quar­ter­back diet, Aaron Rodgers said he brought a copy of “The Paleo Diet” with him to read on his road trip to Super Bowl XLV in Dal­las, which they won of course.

In my opin­ion it’s great to see celebri­ties speak out about their per­sonal intol­er­ances to cer­tain foods and dietary changes to help their bod­ies. Since they are always in the spot­light, the con­ver­sa­tion about their diets quickly turns to phys­i­cal appear­ance and why they EAT a cer­tain way to LOOK a cer­tain way.

Instead of being praised for turn­ing up their noses at the big food mar­keters and lis­ten­ing to their bod­ies, they seem to be ostra­cized for fol­low­ing another “fad diet”, or sus­pected of being anorexic.


In a recent arti­cle I read about Miley Cyrus going Paleo, she only admit­ted to being Paleo because of the eat­ing dis­or­der accu­sa­tions that were being thrown her way.

I may be putting too much weight into a US weekly arti­cle but the “experts take” on Miley was com­pletely and utterly ridiculous.

Here is expert Rachel Begun, “Peo­ple who go gluten-free may gain weight if they rely mostly on highly-processed gluten free foods, many of which tend to be higher in fat, calo­ries and sugar than their gluten-containing counterparts.”

WTF? That’s like say­ing Zac Efron’s new movie “The Lucky One” is the best Nicholas Sparks movie since “Dear John.”

(I didn’t think there was another Sparks’ movie since “Dear John” but there actu­ally was one in between, “The Last Song” star­ring my new friend Miley Cyrus. Sorry Miley.)

Any­ways, let’s hear from “The Last Song” star.

Every­one should try no gluten for a week! The change in your skin, phys­i­cal and men­tal health is amaz­ing. You won’t go back!”

It’s not about weight — it’s about health. Gluten is crap anyway!”

I admire Miley for her hon­esty and her work will be a lit­tle more digestible for me now.

I’m sure her pub­li­cist jumped on her a** for just blow­ing every future Carl’s Jr. or Sub­way commercial.

Then her pub­li­cist prob­a­bly told her to just keep her thoughts about corn syrup to her­self so they could still have Pepsi! (…and 80% of the other processed food prod­ucts out there)


I’m sorry but I just have to laugh when I see David Beck­ham or Selma Hayek in Burger King com­mer­cials. I can’t fathom them actu­ally eat­ing that crap, even if it was offered to them on the set of shoot­ing and they were starv­ing. Even if they had to take a bite for the cam­eras, I’m sure it was spit out when the direc­tor yelled “cut”.


I also can’t pic­ture Michael Phelps shov­ing hoagie rolls into his mouth.








I mean c’mon does Jes­sica Simp­son really eat Pizza Hut.













O that’s her now? Ok maybe she did a little.


A celebrity not preg­nant, still look­ing mighty fine, and ready to marry the equally fine Justin Tim­ber­lake, is Jes­sica Biel.

Jes­sica Biel says in an arti­cle found here, about eat­ing Paleo, “I do a lot of cook­ing at home using fresh fish or lean meat like chicken and veg­eta­bles. I eat well. I don’t like the word ‘diet’,”

The healthy-eating plan is incred­i­bly help­ful; it just leans you down and slims you up and takes that lit­tle layer of fat, skin, water-weight right off your body.”

Jes­sica is also a Cross­Fit­ter as well. She may have the best body of any actress out there right now, so I think its best we pay atten­tion to her health and fit­ness regimen.


Many actors and actresses have to look their best for the roles they are about to play. Unless you are Jonah Hill and you are just fun­nier fatter.

Stars like Ger­ard But­ler, Hugh Jack­man, Ryan Reynolds, and Chris Hemsworth (Thor), have made Super­hu­man trans­for­ma­tions to their bod­ies in short peri­ods of time by putting in some seri­ous work and tap­ping the much cov­eted “celebrity diet secrets!”

Secrets? Really?

In research­ing celebrity diets I found most of them sing the same tune.

  1. Lots of lean meats
  2. Lots of veggies
  3. No sugar

While only some explic­itly get rid of car­bo­hy­drates from grains and gluten, most of the diet plans are of the no or low carb vari­a­tions. I see a theme here.

Come to think of it though, celebri­ties are very secre­tive about their diets. Why is that?

If you barely ever eat bread any­more because you know how bad it is for you then why not say so? (Thank you Miley again for speak­ing up! Gluten is crap!)

But why hold back from mak­ing an enemy with bread?

Is it because you may get a ridicu­lous lucra­tive deal for a fast food com­mer­cial in the future? Ahem, Mr. Beckham.



I hope you’ve made it this far into the post because I have to share my most favorite “celebrity” take on paleo yet. Although he’s only much of a celebrity among col­lege stu­dents, he still counts as another great Paleo-er.

Here are some quotes from the man behind “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell,” book and movie, Tucker Maxx. It absolutely made my day to read this.

I real­ized that if you’re just a nor­mal per­son, and you have the nor­mal ideas about diet and nutri­tion, every­thing you know is wrong.”

You are damn right about that one Tucker, and I feel like only a year ago, I only knew nor­mal nutri­tion and it was killing me inside. Go on sir.

Look. I’m not a f**king fruit­cake. I under­stand that Snick­ers bars are f**cking deli­cious. No fact about paleo is going to ever change the fact that Snick­ers are f**ing delicious.”

LOL. Pro­ceed…

This morn­ing I woke up, I was 171 pounds. I’m the strongest I’ve ever been. I’m 35 years old and I’m in bet­ter shape than I was at 25 or at 15. I’m at eight per­cent body fat. I work out, like, not count­ing fight­ing, maybe an hour a week. A week. Not a day. A week.”

I’ll be like, ‘How old do you think I am?’ They’ll say, ‘I dunno? 28?’ I’ll say, ‘No, I’m 35. And you’re 22 and you look like you’re 30.’ And it’s not my genet­ics. I’m not Johnny Depp or some­thing. My par­ents look like aver­age peo­ple. I have pretty aver­age genetics.”

And I love this last quote by Tucker when asked about find­ing some­one with the same pas­sion for Paleo in common:

You know what’s funny, dude? I’ve got­ten to the point now where I can look at some­one and tell. Paleo is not main­stream yet but I think it will be in the next five years. But I can look at some­one and tell you. Espe­cially the ones that are hard­core. They just have an energy and a vibrance and a skin tone and a mus­cu­la­ture. It’s like they stepped out of an Aber­crom­bie & Fitch cat­a­log, even if they’re not like model-hot. They look like… Greek stat­ues or something.”

Again, Well said. Read the full inter­view here.


It’s a catch-22 when celebs go Paleo.  Every time a celebrity news arti­cle says their on it, it brings more atten­tion to this way of eat­ing. Sadly its often neg­a­tive atten­tion and they get crit­i­cized for car­ing about phys­i­cal appear­ance and falling into this FAD just like all the other healthy celebs and ath­letes who admit to doing it.

I’m sorry but it’s any­thing but a FAD to eat REAL FOOD.

A FAD is man­dat­ing all wheat flour foods be enriched with folic acid since 1998.

A FAD is tak­ing the sugar out of all our foods just to sub­sti­tute a more harm­ful sub­stance, high fruc­tose corn syrup in its place.

A FAD is the fear of real fats, the “fat-free” label­ing move­ment and the intro­duc­tion of trans fats.

A FAD is EVERY NEW ZERO CALORIE DRINK chocked full of aspar­tame and other harm­ful ingredients.

Paleo eat­ing, means eat­ing like the ances­tors of the Pale­olithic era that spanned 2 mil­lion years. 2 mil­lion years is hardly a FAD in my book.

Thank you to all the celebri­ties who come out and speak up in sup­port of this eat­ing lifestyle.

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8 Responses to “Is Paleo Mainstream Now That These Celebrities Are Doing It?”

  1. Michtou

    14. Sep, 2014

    The real paleo diet prob­a­bly had very lit­tle meat in it. Grubs, worms, and bugs were the main source of pro­tein. Fruit, berries, leaves and roots were the main­stay of the diet. All this “paleo” stuff is imaginary.

  2. Ole

    01. May, 2014

    Scott @ Exactly, the annoy­ing peo­ple who writes about lean meat! Fat is good! Even Sat­u­rated Fat!!! And not that we are only Car­ni­vores, because we’re not, we’re Omni­vores, but you never see any Car­ni­vore / Preda­tor, that fil­ters away the Fat from what they kill! In with Fats, out with Carbs 😀

  3. Scott

    23. Nov, 2013

    Why is there always the dis­cus­sion of lean meats? Lean meats cause insulin spikes. I stick to lots of greasy, fatty meats and it keeps my appetite at bay. Fat is my friend. Bacon, pork, veg­gies fried in bacon grease, all very sati­at­ing. But I’m just get­ting started on Paleo. Even­tu­ally I may lean it down significantly.

  4. Angela Coleman

    01. Nov, 2012

    I am hop­ing to have a tes­ti­mony to the paleo way of life. I am a reg­is­tered nurse with an MBA. My life has been a yoyo and at 47 years old I have to become a purist. I know what is right for my body. Doing it every moment of my life is a change from bad habits to good habits. I need to do this not only for me but for my fam­ily and break the cycle of bad habits and the tra­di­tional Stan­dard Amer­i­can Diet (SAD).
    Here’s to now. Get­ting my butt off the chair and com­puter to get my daily work out in.
    Thanks for an inspi­ra­tional site,

    • Andrew Frezza

      03. Nov, 2012

      You’re wel­come Angela! Thanks for shar­ing your story with us! We look for­ward to hear­ing your tes­ti­mo­nial! Start liv­ing your “after” today and it won’t be long before you won’t rec­og­nize the old you! I am sure you already are a huge inspi­ra­tion to your kids and those around you! It’s time to take things to the next level!

  5. Eleni

    13. May, 2012

    This was great! For a long time, I was very involved in a big body­build­ing forum and when I con­sid­ered going paleo I asked what the women thought. Some encour­aged me to try it, but most just told me I would fail and not be able to stick with it because I love carbs. They just told me I would be mak­ing myself suf­fer and I would quickly change my mind…I tried it any­way, and I’ve never felt bet­ter! Seriously-energy like you wouldn’t believe, sleep­ing so much bet­ter, and a 6 lb loss in the first 2 weeks. Love it!

    • Jonathan Swaringen

      31. Aug, 2012

       Any­one look­ing to look and feel great on Paleo should also check out The Art and Sci­ence of Low Car­bo­hy­drate Living/Performance and Body by Science.

      All three books have really use­ful infor­ma­tion.  Body by Sci­ence has a ton of good infor­ma­tion on how and why to work out and is writ­ten by some­one who believes in Paleo as well.

      • Andrew

        31. Aug, 2012

        Thanks for the sug­ges­tions Jonathan! I have read Body by Sci­ence but not the other ones.

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