New Business Announcement! Nikki’s Coconut Butter!

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I am very excited to announce that my girl­friend Nikki and I just launched a new busi­ness, called Nikki’s Coconut But­ter!  Coconut but­ter is the same con­cept as peanut but­ter or almond but­ter, except way more delicious!

We came up with the idea for Nikki’s Coconut But­ter as we were search­ing for healthy desserts and treats that we could incor­po­rate into our already healthy lifestyles.  We real­ized that as much as we love treat­ing our­selves to the occa­sional cheat, most of the desserts we tried didn’t like our bod­ies as much as we liked them.  Cheat­ing usu­ally left us with a stom­ach ache or feel­ing com­pletely drained of energy.

We set out to cre­ate a healthy treat that tasted just as good as it made us feel.  Coconut but­ter seemed like the per­fect medium, and we exper­i­mented with dif­fer­ent fla­vor com­bi­na­tions.   Every new fla­vor we cre­ated turned out bet­ter than the next, and we were amazed that our lit­tle exper­i­ment was turn­ing out so well!

The results were so good in fact, that we decided we should make a busi­ness out of it.  We nar­rowed down our fla­vors to the six tasty cre­ations you see below, and launched a website!

  • Vanilla Cake Batter
  • Choco­late Hazel­nut Brownie
  • Mid­night Mocha
  • Honey Pecan Pie
  • Cashew Crum­ble
  • Macadamia Nut Cookie

While we are still pretty new to the coconut but­ter busi­ness our­selves, we have come up with some pretty good uses for Nikki’s Coconut But­ter as of this writing:

-       My favorite cre­ation so far is to use Nikki’s Coconut But­ter as a fill­ing for home­made dark choco­late Reese’s cups, a recipe we posted a few months back.






-       Nikki’s Coconut But­ter is a great way to turn a banana or other piece of fruit into an awe­some dessert.

-       A spoon­ful of Nikki’s Coconut But­ter can turn a bor­ing cup of cof­fee into a deli­cious mocha.  We’ve posted before about blend­ing but­ter and coconut oil in your morn­ing cof­fee to cre­ate bul­let­proof cof­fee, but this might be even better.

-       Like any good dessert, Nikki’s Coconut But­ter is great on its own, by the spoon­ful, straight from the jar.

All of the Nikki’s Coconut But­ter cre­ations use organic coconut, coconut oil, and nuts as the prin­ci­ple ingre­di­ents.  The only sweet­en­ers we use are dates and honey and there is less than a table­spoon per jar.  Despite the low lev­els of sugar, espe­cially com­pared to most desserts, we don’t rec­om­mend this as an every­day treat.  Use it as a healthy way to con­quer those sugar crav­ings a few times a week.

If you want to be one of the first to try Nikki’s Coconut But­ter, you can pur­chase your own at the Nikki’s Coconut But­ter web­site.  If you pur­chase 4 or more fla­vors, we will even ship it to you for free.

I also want to give a spe­cial thanks to Tony’s wife, Shan­non, for cre­at­ing the Nikki’s Coconut But­ter logo and design­ing the labels that we use on the jars.  She has designed all of the logos and graph­ics you see on this web­site, and she is an amaz­ing graph­ics designer.  If any of you need graph­ics work done, please con­tact her through her web­site, the Graph­icz Gal.

Sorry for using this blog to shame­lessly pro­mote our new busi­ness, but I think this is a prod­uct that most of you will really enjoy.  At the very least, you will be help­ing me out because right now I am eat­ing them all way too fast!

Thanks in advance to any­one who pur­chases from

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3 Responses to “New Business Announcement! Nikki’s Coconut Butter!”

  1. Gharkness

    26. Aug, 2012

    Thanks for the nutri­tion update.  Will go check now!  I appre­ci­ate your response.

  2. Gharkness

    20. Aug, 2012

    Would like to see nutri­tion infor­ma­tion, ??  Couldn’t find it.

    • Andrew Frezza

      21. Aug, 2012

      Thanks for let­ting us know!  Its not up yet, but we will get on it right away!

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