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No More Paleo?

Posted on 23. Feb, 2012 by in Lifestyle


If you’re one of the four people who follow this blog (Hi Mom and Dad!) you have probably noticed a recent change we made to the title of this blog.  We have removed the name PaleoSuperhuman and we will be moving forward with LivingSuperhuman instead.


What???  No more Paleo???


Have we fallen off the wagon and gone back to eating whole wheat sandwiches and glasses of skim milk???


Not even close.


We actually couldn’t be happier with our relationship with Paleo and we continue to experience better and better results every day that we live and breathe this lifestyle.


But we also realize that as Paleo becomes more popular and well known with the average Joe, many people would come to our blog with preconceived notions about what it means to eat a Paleo diet.  Instead of having to backtrack and convince people that there’s more to eating healthy then simply eating Paleo, we want to allow our new readers to have a more open mind about the information we present.  We want all of our readers to realize that the ultimate goal is to live a superhuman lifestyle, not to fit to the confines of a specific diet.


After all, our goal with this blog was never to answer the question, “Is this insert food Paleo?”


Our goal was to answer the question, “Is this insert food optimal for me based on my lifestyle and goals?”


That’s the question everybody should really be asking.


Hopefully by dropping the Paleo name, it will allows us to take a more critical look at all aspects of a healthy lifestyle, Paleo included.


We want to thank everyone in advance for sticking around through these small changes.  In order to change our name on Facebook, we had to create a new LivingSuperhuman group.  Please “like” our new Facebook page and let us know how we can help you achieve your goals.

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