Paleo Tacos! (Egg Whites Soft Shells)

Posted on 06. Mar, 2012 by in Recipes

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Paleo Tacos! With Egg White Soft shells, beef, salsa, onions, lettuce!
This is for all my guy friends out there who are too busy to cook, aka they don’t know how. These bach­e­lor tacos are so easy and sim­ple that yes, a cave­man could do them! They only take about 15 min­utes to fully com­plete and can taste like a five star meal. And best of all, you can choose from a wide array of top­pings to spice them up!
- 1 lb. ground beef (chicken or peeled shrimp with tails cut off also works very well in this recipe)
- 1 packet taco sea­son­ing (these are not usu­ally per­fectly paleo, but still not too bad.  Try to find an organic one, if possible.)
- Egg whites (the kind in the car­ton is the best for mak­ing the “taco shells.”  Whole eggs can be mixed in but will make a thicker shell. We like a good shell to meat ratio so we just used the egg whites.
- chopped onion
- let­tuce
- organic salsa
- cheese (if ya wanna cheat a little)
- Make the beef, chicken or shrimp using the direc­tions on the back of the taco sea­son­ing packet.
–Beef should cook in only about 10 min­utes. You can start your egg white shells soon after you get the meat going.
- In a hot, well greased saucepan, pour about 1/4 cup of egg mix­ture into the pan and swirl around to fill the pan. Let it cook fully on one side and the flip.  Add a lit­tle salt while cooking.
- Make as many as you need for the tacos.
- Fill the “shells” with the meat or shrimp fill­ing and add any top­pings you desire such as let­tuce, onion, salsa, avo­cado, cheese, etc.
- You can also make some home­made gua­camole and serve with sliced cucum­bers for “chips and salsa.”
Great for din­ner, but you will find your­self crav­ing these for break­fast as well!

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