Diabetes Warrior (Steve Cooksey) Sues Dietetics/Nutrition Board!

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Steve Cook­sey, more com­monly known as the Dia­betes War­rior on his blog, has writ­ten about his TRIUMPH over dia­betes and his jour­ney into Super­hu­man health for over the past two years now.

I first learned about Steve through an inter­view on Jimmy Moore’s Livin La Vida Lo Carb pod­cast.  I have fol­lowed Steve’s posts and he is very help­ful to all those look­ing to make pos­i­tive health changes. Since I do very much the same thing, I have some very col­or­ful feel­ings about his law­suit and (WARNING) this post does turn into a rant below.

If you’ve already heard of Mr. Cook­sey, it’s most likely due to the case launched against him and his web­site for giv­ing dietary advice with­out a license in the state of North Car­olina. The com­plaint was brought against him by the North Car­olina Board of Dietetics/Nutrition (NCBDN).

The story of how he came to be inves­ti­gated for giv­ing advice is pretty inter­est­ing. At a nutri­tional sem­i­nar on Jan­u­ary 12th, 2012, Steve was lis­ten­ing to the same, very much wrong and dan­ger­ous advice he’d heard before, now being given to dia­bet­ics once again. He spoke up and gave them a piece of his mind and he described the atmos­phere as get­ting a lit­tle heated. He has an extra sen­si­tive spot with the sub­ject because not only was he a dia­betic but his grand­mother passed away due to dia­betic complications.

He handed out some cards for his web­site after the sem­i­nar. The next day he received a phone call from the North Car­olina Board of Dietetics/Nutrition cit­ing the pos­si­ble laws he was break­ing by giv­ing dietary advice with­out a license.  The NCBDN says they were only inves­ti­gat­ing a writ­ten for­mal com­plaint they received from some­one that day. Steve sus­pects he knows who from the sem­i­nar filed the com­plaint but that wasn’t the point. He was taken back that his free speech was being attacked like this.

Steve was given spe­cific details to change about his site and con­sult­ing busi­ness in order to come in com­pli­ance with what the NCBDN desired, and on April 9th, 2012, they sent a cer­ti­fied let­ter to Steve say­ing he had ful­filled the oblig­a­tions they had set forth and had come into “sub­stan­tial compliance.”

Sub­stan­tial com­pli­ance is all good in Steve’s mind, but he wants to use this story for some pos­i­tive change.  He feels like his rights were vio­lated and he is now fil­ing a law­suit against the NCBDN based on his right to Free Speech. I can’t speak for Steve directly, but I know he would like to lever­age this pub­lic­ity to get the truths about dia­betes out there so he can help more and more peo­ple (and here I am try­ing to help him do just that.)

I decided to visit the NCBDN web­site to see what they had to say. I always think it’s fair to hear out both sides of a story first and it even turns out they have a page ded­i­cated to this recent con­tro­versy. And after read­ing their page, I’m still fully, 100% behind Steve and his lawsuit.

Since I only know legal jar­gon from what I’ve seen in “Suits” and a cou­ple episodes of “Franklin & Bash”, I don’t know what kind of strength Steve’s law­suit actu­ally holds.  I just know the absur­dity behind the NCBDN’s actions and how much it pisses me off that a gov­ern­ment agency that not only doesn’t know what they are talk­ing about, wants to shush oth­ers up who actu­ally have some real, work­ing solutions.

Steve was rec­om­mend­ing a diet plan and such to read­ers of his web­site for free and for a price to clients who chose to pay for extra ser­vices.  He was using his own expe­ri­ence as a base for teach­ing oth­ers how to accom­plish the same. If you want to read a post by Steve, please check out a more recent one titled “How do Nur­tion­ists Sleep at Night, I’ll tell ya.”

The free speech thing pisses me off but I have four really impor­tant points that just light a fire under my ass! (so excuse my language)

  1. Steve didn’t FORCE any­one to read his advice. He didn’t FORCE any­one to pay for his ser­vices that his clients viewed as valu­able. Peo­ple have their own brains and can make deci­sions whether to lis­ten or not for them­selves!!!  We not only should have the free­dom of speech, but we should have the free­dom to listen!!!

  2. Steve’s rec­om­men­da­tions were based on what WORKED!!! Why is WORKED in BIG let­ters? Because NOTHING the FDA (Food/Drug) or ADA (Dia­betes) or AHA (Heart) or CDC (Dis­ease) rec­om­mends EVER F*CKING WORKS!!! This is why 90% of peo­ple try­ing to beat dia­betes FAIL!!!  If Steve knows what actu­ally works he is decades ahead of you NCBDN. Time to step up your game NCBDN and work with the knowl­edge and facts that are out there, instead of try­ing to silence them!

  3. Where does this mad­ness freakin end? Should I stop every juice­head in the gym who’s ever tried to give me advice on a move they think I might find use­ful. “Stop right there, do you have a license to teach me juice­head moves like that?”  Or what about par­ent­ing advice or finance advice or dog advice? Since when does every lit­tle piece of sim­ple advice have to come with a gov­ern­ment stamp of approval?!?!

  4. Peo­ple should have free­dom to give what­ever advice they feel can help oth­ers. If peo­ple want “NCBDN cer­ti­fied” or what­ever freak­ing crap next to their name for some kind of val­i­da­tion, let them come to you and freakin get it. Per­son­ally, I see the val­i­da­tion in Steve him­self. He has SAVED HIS OWN LIFE, so let him tell peo­ple how to save theirs!!!


One last point to the NCBDN:

You know what’s sad NCBDN? Is that peo­ple unfa­mil­iar with the head­line of Steve Suing the NCBDN would actu­ally first think that you were being sued for the WRONG advice you pro­mote by allow­ing your dietet­ics to cheer lead a diet plan that is PRO-diabetes! And maybe you should be sued for this first and foremost!!!


Dis­claimer: I am not a reg­is­tered dietetic with any state/federal agency. I believe they pro­mote wrong advice and it would go against my own ethics to be asso­ci­ated with them at all whatsoever.

Here’s a fun lit­tle video by the Insti­tute for Jus­tice that is help­ing Steve with the lawsuit

photo source:Steve’s blog

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  1. Steve Cooksey

    01. Jun, 2012

    Thank you for your support! 

    • LivingSuperhuman

      01. Jun, 2012

      You got it. Give em hell!

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