SUPERHUMAN30 Challenge: Day 10: Using The Happiness Advantage to your SUPERHUMAN30 Advantage!

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My brother recommended this book, “The Happiness Advantage” by Shawn Achor about two months ago on our website.  And just like the Paleo Diet, it took me a couple months to start becoming a believer, and again (just like Paleo), I don’t think I can say enough good things about this book!

I finished this book just as I was going into Day 4 of my SUPERHUMAN30 Challenge. I felt like every paragraph in the book was speaking directly to me, someone taking on a challenge and who could use the sharpened mental toughness right about now.

Instead of allowing success to determine our happiness, we should first focus our energy on being happy, and success will almost always follow.

BAM! WOW! Holy Crap Batman! What a simple idea! It was like I was reading the final piece to my SUPERHUMAN30 manuscript right here. We had covered all of the How-To’s in our SUPERHUMAN30 Guide but we hadn’t given much advice on how to handle the mental battle of cravings and willpower.

Here’s another little gem for you:

If we look to success to make us happy then we set ourselves up to fail.

This is THE ultimate SUPERHUMAN30 & New Year’s Resolution quote.  There’s some statistic that 90% of New Year resolutions end in failure.  This quote helps explain a lot.

Why DO so many resolutions end in failure?

 Is it because people absolutely dread their resolutions once they start acting on them? Or is it because people base success on a certain goal, and when that goal isn’t reached, it is time to give up?

I know there are people out there right now who are about to take on the SUPERHUMAN30 Challenge and questioning if they can actually do this thing. 

       1.    You can.                                  2.   It’s as easy as being happy while you do it.

How can I just be happy, I’m miserable missing my sugar and bread?

First, if you’ve made it here to Day 10 or Day 11, there’s a good chance your positive, energized feelings are starting to take charge and you’re forgetting about any negative cravings altogether.  We’ve heard this first hand from our participating SUPERHUMANS!  Second, find more positivity everywhere you look.  Shawn Achor recommends writing down 3 positive things at the end of each day.  It will not only make you focus more on the positive, but it will have you striving for more positive things in your life. Reflecting on positive things at day’s end, releases more serotonin and dopamine production, ensuring a much more restful sleep!

People who have “Happiness Boosters” are much more likely to conquer the SUPERHUMAN30.

It’s why we have pictures of our loved ones in our office at work. It’s why we schedule vacations with our friends and family. These little things help boost our happiness levels every time we look at them or think about them. Activities and Hobbies can also be a happiness booster.  I find a lot of happiness in performing a workout, accomplishing things around the house, and playing with my dogs.  Look for NON-FOOD Happiness Boosters and multiply them so they occur much more often in your day.


If you wake up every day, wondering what Day # you are on and how much closer you are to Day 31’s cheat meal, you are setting yourself up to FAIL! If you don’t enjoy the lifestyle change you are participating in, then it won’t become a lifestyle change at all. It will end up being some diet you tried once.  This is exactly what we don’t want to happen.  We want you to learn a new way of eating.  We want you to pass it on to your friends, family, and children so that they can live long and healthy lives too!

After reading this book, it proved to be just as valuable as the SUPERHUMAN30 Guide itself.  I have no doubt that 2012 will be my best year EVER! And I hope you know yours will be too!

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