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How to Shop For the Paleo Diet? – A Paleo Diet Shopping List

Posted on 11. Apr, 2013 by .


A lot of paleo diet guides just throw you a long shopping list and say go!  I’m here to tell you exactly what I buy and exactly where I get it from. Diets can be intimidating to begin, but I’m going to make it simple for you and walk you through a day of paleo shopping […]

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Paleo Sweet Potato Meatloaf

Posted on 20. Jun, 2012 by .


Since my wife Shannon and I are both very active people, we like to use sweet potatoes and fruits in our diets to provide our bodies with carbohydrates. You can see from our past couple sweet potato recipes  sweet potato pancakes & meat lover’s sweet potato hash that my wife is somewhat of a magician when it […]

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Paleo Lasagna & Paleo Spaghetti Sauce Recipes

Posted on 14. Jun, 2012 by .


This Paleo Lasagna recipe is from the Everyday Paleo Cookbook by Sarah Fragoso. This is the definitely one of the best paleo recipe books out there. The idea of using strips of zucchini instead of refined starch flaps is nothing short of brilliant. We like to “cheat” a little with this recipe by adding some quality mozzarella […]

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Cincinnati Chili Paleo Recipe

Posted on 02. May, 2012 by .


I’ve been a huge fan of Cincinnati Chili ever since my mom-in-law made it for me over half a decade ago. My predispositions to chili before this was that it was a unattractive sloppy mixture that consistently made it’s way onto amusement fairs’ hot dogs.  I know there are some great chili parlors all over the […]

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Why Buy Grass-Fed Beef?

Posted on 24. Jan, 2012 by .


If you would have mentioned “grass-fed beef” to me a few years ago, I would have looked at you like you were crazy.  What is grass-fed beef?  How is this different from any other beef that I buy?  Aren’t cows supposed to eat grass?  Does grass-fed beef taste better or something?  Can’t I just buy […]

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