3 Must Watch “Food-mentaries” before you cancel your Netflix subscription.

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I don’t say this lightly, these “Food-mentaries” NEED to be watched, whether you view them through Netflix or not.  You will learn more about proper diet in these few hours of watching these movies, then you’ve learned in any classroom. I’m looking right at you Medical students. I have to admit, even I was skeptical about the impact of Paleo dieting on our health at first, but I now realize its not only helpful for good heatlh, IT”S ESSENTIAL.  I promise you will not only enjoy these movies, but you will gain priceless information that will change your health forever.

Netflix, while lacking in instant movie choices overall, has a great array of food documentaries available. Millions of Netflixers have cancelled their subscriptions since the company has separated mail and instant, and hiked up their prices. I plan to cancel my instant subscription in a couple weeks, but not before I rewatch these 3 “Food-mentaries” several more times!  This is truly life-changing information! 

MUST WATCH #1: “Fathead”

Fathead is a documentary that follows comedian Tom Naughton as he embarks on a 30-day fast food diet. He is out to prove that you can actually improve your health by eating only fast food, as long as you make the right choices at the counter or drive thru. At first the movie seems to focus too much on disproving every little tidbit in Morgan Spurlock’s Super Size Me, and it can seem a little obnoxious at times. But I promise if you stick with this movie until the end, you will be so happy that you watched it. It’s really about taking down the misconceptions of health and finding the truth.  

Watch Fathead free on Hulu here: http://www.hulu.com/watch/196879/fat-head

MUST WATCH #2: “Foodmatters”

“We have a public that is catching on quicker than the medical professions.”

This documentary really focuses on the simple fact that WE ARE WHAT WE EAT, but we seem to hardly care how hazardous the things we put in our body are. And it’s no other reason than our poor diets that our disease rates are exorbitant and growing tremendously in our country. Foodmatters shows us there are ways to naturally heal the body through proper nutrition, instead of turning to the drug companies for help. We need to replace our “a pill for every ill” mentality, with the knowledge of what real Superfoods can do for us. Healthy eating can do everything from eliminating cancer risks to curing depression. “It’s a choice, you don’t have to be sick.” 

Movie trailer: http://youtu.be/r4DOQ6Xhqss or visit www.foodmatters.com/tv to order the movie for $4.95.

MUST WATCH #3: “Food, Inc.”

This “foodmentary” takes a good look about where our food comes from, and its findings are pretty scary. It scrutinizes the roles of everyone in food production, from farmers to our national government. There is some pretty compelling commentary from the author of “Fast Food Nation”, Eric Schlosser.  Whose book inspired the 2006 movie “Fast Food Nation”, a fictional story based on the scary realities of the meat industry.

There’s also great commentary from Michael Pollan, the author of “The Omnivore’s Dilemma.” He opens our eyes to the “illusion of diversity of the supermarket.” It’s an illusion because all our food comes from only a few companies, a few sources. In addition, Corn, something that wasn’t in our world for ten thousand years, is now in maybe 90% of our supermarket products. Available to watch on Youtube for $2.99. Preview it here: http://youtu.be/5eKYyD14d_0

        These movies really make you wonder WHY?  WHY haven’t we stopped to really look at where our food is coming from? We just eat it and assume our government is looking out for our health above all other concerns. Our processed food system is full of products containing corn, wheat, and soybeans. Three things that have only been in our world for a fraction of its life!  Not to mention all the artificial hormones and pesticides in our food!

WHY aren’t we asking for the explanation of the true health dangers behind what we are putting into our bodies and into our children’s bodies?

This is why a Paleo lifestyle is so important to embrace. We need a simpler way of thinking about food that sidesteps all the crap that our government and corporations have fed us. We’ve been brainwashed to think we are eating healthy when we are not.    

It’s time to ask WHY?

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