Why the USDA’s Food Guidelines are BullS**t!

Posted on 05. Jul, 2011 by in What to Eat

As a 25 year-old male trying to safely maintain his weight with a 2700 daily caloric allowance and 55% of that diet coming from carbohydrates, I would have to consume 371 grams of carbohydrates daily!

This means that even if I consumed everything you see in the picture above, plus a whole lot more, I could still fall short of my 371 gram daily goal!

3 Extremely Large Cucumbers

7.5 Cups of Arugula

40 Mini Sweet Peppers

15 Large Raw Carrots

1 Head of Celery

3 Stalks Broccoli

2 Pints Grape Tomatoes

These foods combined are made up of 82% carbohydrates and only 18% protein and fat.  They are extremely carbohydrate dense!  But they still fall well short of my 371 gram daily carbohydrate goal!

1 Cup Blueberries

1 Cup Strawberries

1 Cup Cherries

1 Large Banana

Even If I added 4 more servings of fruit to all the vegetables I already ate, I would still only end up with 353 grams of carbohydrates!

Its ridiculous that the USDA advises that Americans get 45-65%(i only used 55% for my calculations) of their daily calories from carbohydrates.

This is the biggest reason we are fat!

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