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Welcome to LivingSuperhuman!

Welcome! I’m Tony Frezza and with my brother Andrew and my wife Shannon, we put together this awesomeness that people refer to as a “blog”.

We have our blog for several reasons, 1.We are always learning and always teaching. 2. We want to connect with like minded people who want the absolute most out of life (we will call these people Superhumans). 3. Positive change is contagious. The positive effect you have on one person can multiply into a tidal wave of good sh*t.

It’s our goal to positively influence a million people. Lofty? Yes, but see reason #3 above.

Why else are we here?

We know we only get one life, and we want to experience it to its fullest. We set goals, work hard, play harder, and never live with regrets. We’ve come to realize that there is a level of living above what we ever knew to be possible.

In seeking a SUPERHUMAN life, we thought of no better way to achieve this, then to go out and connect with others who live or want to live the same way. While not necessarily looking to nutrition to help us make this change, we discovered the “Paleo diet” aka a “primal” or “caveman” lifestyle.

I need to stop for a second before you start thinking this is a blog purely promoting Paleo.  You will see A LOT of Paleo stuff on our site, that’s for damn sure, but we may present some not so Paleo ideas and we don’t want you getting your panties in a bunch. We don’t want to be pigeon-holed as “Paleo-ers”, nor do we just want to be “Crossfitters” when it comes to working out; we want to be Superhumans.

If I could sum up our diet and fitness philosophy in two sentences…

We believe strongly in eating real foods from nature, not scientists.

We believe strongly in fitness training that is actually functional.

-Tony Frezza

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Andrew’s Story:

Ever since I can remember, I have had an obsession with food.  As I grew older, and sports became the focus of my life, my obsession for food evolved into an obsession for nutrition.  As a baseball player with aspirations of making it to the Major Leagues, I started looking for ways to tweak my diet to improve my body and my performance.  I jumped from diet to diet, exercise to exercise, but never quite found anything that clicked.  I was constantly reading books and magazines, trying to make little changes that would take me to the next level.  I became a master of eating 6-8 times a day; keeping my body fueled with protein bars and shakes, as well as eating plenty of whole grains and low fat dairy.  For all intents and purposes, I was dominating the USDA food guidelines!  My weekly diet should have been featured as an article in Men’s Health!  And my 5 days-a-week workouts were basically straight from their pages. On paper, I looked great. But the results still fell short. 

 I could not seem to lose the last 5-15lbs no matter how hard I tried.  Whenever I got close to my goals, a few bad meals would set me back considerably.  I was constantly disciplining myself into eating certain foods and avoiding others.   It never felt easy.  Eating every 2 hours gave me a false sense of control, but I was nowhere near in control.  My energy was constantly fluctuating, and I was afraid to leave my house for more than an hour without making sure I had some sort of food on hand.  Food and nutrition became an obsession for all the wrong reasons.

In May 2011, as I turned 25 years old, everything changed for me.  I was introduced to a way of eating known as Paleo.  I began to see major holes in my current diet, and decided that I needed to completely shift the way I thought about food.  I became exposed to great books and blogs from people like Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson, and Gary Taubes.  Equipped with new information and a fresh outlook, I set out to put myself to the test with a 45-day challenge to see if I could dramatically change my body.  Within a few weeks, I knew my relationship with food would never be the same.

 I was nowhere near perfect on the diet, but my results were extraordinary!  I quickly noticed the fat disappearing from my midsection.  I was working out less, but putting on more muscle.  My energy levels were high and consistent.  My cravings for sweets practically disappeared.  My skin cleared up for the first time in probably 15 years.  I even incorporated cheat meals just to prove to myself that perfection wasn’t necessary.

 By the end of the 45 days, I felt amazing!  I lost over 10 lbs of fat, not factoring in the additional muscle I had put on.  I even set new personal records in major lifts like the squat, deadlift, and bench press.

My goal was always to look and feel superhuman, and I have never felt closer to this goal.  In the process, I realized that the weight I was really trying to lose was off my shoulders, not my waistline.  It is such a relief to know that I have found a way of eating that I can thrive on for the rest of my life.  The look and performance benefits are just a nice added bonus!

After experiencing what’s possible, I have made it my goal to share what I have learned with others so they can produce results in themselves faster and easier than I ever did. 

-Andrew Frezza


Tony’s Story:

I’m Andrew’s first Superhuman. He introduced me to the Paleo diet almost a year ago. At first I thought it was just another fad diet. After I saw my brother’s amazing results, I still chalked it up to his determination and willpower that led to his great transformation and figured he could do it with a “twinkie diet”. I didn’t think there would be any way possible that I could give up skim milk, peanut butter, granola/protein bars, and “healthy” crackers, all BIG staples of my not-so-versatile diet.

It wasn’t until he promised my acid reflux would go away if I gave Paleo a try.

I’ve followed a lot of Paleo principles throughout my life without even knowing it.  I’ve always limited breads, cereals, sugars, and sweets in my diet. While looking pretty healthy on the outside, I’ve had my internal problems with horrible acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, and intense stomach pains for as long as I can remember.  I had to take a step back and realize that I wasn’t just born with an “unlucky” digestive system, but instead, my diet was killing me inside!

I’ve now read more books and blogs about diet and fitness then all my grade-school reading combined.  I’ve applied what I’ve learned and I’m now looking better and feeling better than I ever have.  My digestive problems are almost non-existent and only arise when I stray from the Paleo diet. I’ve noticed that healthy eating through the Paleo lifestyle goes so much further than what you look like on the outside. I honestly didn’t know my energy could increase or my mood could get any better, well, until it got better through the Paleo diet!

I’ve also been really prone to allergy flare ups from pollen, dust, and certain animals like cats. Growing up my room always had to be kept immaculately cleaned or else I could potentially go to sleep one night and wake up sick the next morning. I slept with a noisy air filter in my room for about 5 years of my life. I stopped using it in high school because I didn’t want my friends making fun of me for it. But ever since starting my healthier eating lifestyle, my immune system feels ridiculously strong and I haven’t come close to coming down with any sicknesses yet.

I’ve also realized that the point isn’t to take a before picture, then two months later you take another picture, and then forever and ever you can look back and see how good you did in those sixty days. The point is to change your lifestyle so you can have a better style of life. Paleo has helped me improve my lifestyle in ways people will never see in a picture. I will never have a dramatic before and after picture because I’ve been striving for my “after” picture my whole life. That is something everyone should strive for. To treat their body like the gift it is. You only get one of them.

Through my 28 years upon this planet, I’ve learned that it’s important to measure the value of one’s life by the connections we make and the experiences we take. Value of life is not measured in Dollars, Euros, Yen, or gold. When you’re 95 years old and reflecting on your life, you won’t first look to bank statements to “see how you did”. This is our main reason for having this blog. We believe everyone deserves a chance at a phenomenal life, a SUPERHUMAN experience.

We want to change a mindset of a country that believes they were meant to be fat, sick, and tired based on their genetics.  We’ve found that there is a whole level of health above what you’re experiencing now. You can be enlightened by Superhuman health and we hope to bring that to your life.

-Tony Frezza


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