Our Superhuman50 Challenge Winners! (The Guys)

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Now it’s the guys time to shine after posting the winning girls’ stories yesterday.  Again, I am so impressed by the commitment to a lifestyle change and the fact that these guys want to continue to live this way. Even though they have before and after photos to show what they accomplished in this period of time, its just a small fraction of the lifestyle change that you can’t see beyond the pictures.

Infomercial videos like P90X or Insanity will dazzle you with 6 month transformation photos and get you dreaming big…and paying big too. But how many testimonials say “Wow! That hour long Insanity workout was insane! I can’t wait to do that twice a week for the rest of my life!”

No one freakin says that because its NEVER freakin happens.  It’s not real change. It’s not a way to live.

Here at Living Superhuman, we show people an easier, healthier way to LIVE.  We show them how simple and sustainable it really can be.

Our latest Superhumans, Gerson and Adam, are perfect examples of this. I can’t wait to see what they do in their next 50 days and beyond.

I can’t wait to add these guys to the Superhuman Hall of Fame along with the ladies too!


Gerson’s Story:

I was told to give the Paleo Diet a try for 50-days to see if I could notice a difference and start living superhuman.  I didn’t know if I could do it but with a lot of encouragement and willpower I completed my 50-days and I consider it a huge success!  I lost 18.5 pounds, lost inches and feel much better!
 It really made me think about my food choices and although the 50-days are over, I know I will never go back to my old ways. Thank you for all the help and support during these 50 days.

Adam’s Story:

My name is Adam, 26 year old from Utah, and am in the best shape of my life.
I still have a ways to go to meet my goals, but I made good progress during the 50 day challenge and intend to continue with this lifestyle.
I started this competition weighing in at around 200Lbs and am now down to 175Lbs.
I am now exercising frequently and am eating the diet that I should thanks to a few of your recipes and most definitely to your encouragement.
My wife notices the difference and is pleased with my results so far. She is pregnant and keeps asking when I am going to gain the sympathy weight instead of losing it all. 🙂
Thank you once again for creating this program and for all of the great knowledge you provide!

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