3 Easy Steps To Make Your Fitness Resolutions Stick

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We are officially a month into the New Year! How are your fitness resolutions going?

If you are like most people, you have already given up on your 2016 health goals.

BUT… I know for a fact you are NOT like most people.

WHY… because you are reading this message.

Hopefully you’ve used the things we’ve taught you to develop some positive habits through this first twelfth of the year.  For those of you who have made it through the Superhuman40 Challenge this far, Congrats! Keep up the great work!

If you feel like you can do better, like you deserve more, and you can accomplish more… Then don’t worry, it’s only been 1/12 of the year…you have 11/12 to get your shit together.

I’m writing to you at the beginning of February because now is a great time to check in with ourselves.

Let’s ask ourselves…
Am I on the path I want to be on for 2016?
What healthy habits have I developed this past month?
What health and body changes have I already seen in this short time?
What can I do better going forward to make this week, month, or year great?

I want you to take five to ten minutes and physically write out (with a pen and paper), your answers to these questions.
If you followed my instructions just now, you’ve just completed the first step in Making Your Resolutions Work.

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Step 1: Revisit your goals daily, weekly, and monthly.

Writing down your goals makes them real. Revisiting them will make them a part of you. They become who you are, your identity, and the way you carry yourself. If you want to make each day as productive as possible, review your goals first thing in the morning, every morning.

The questions above are fairly broad and can be revisited often with different answers. Answer them now (if you haven’t already), and come back to them March 1st, and April 1st and so on.

Keep all your journaling in one place so you can look back at past months when it’s time to revisit your goals and plan out the next month. Breaking down the long year into bite sized chunks will also make those smaller goals much more attainable. Focus on the little victories and the big goals will happen.

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Step 2: Focus on the inputs, more than the output.
This is why most resolutions fail, because we focus on what we want rather than what we will do to get there. We often choose WAAAY to long a timeline, with WAAAY too lofty achievements. I want to lose 20 pounds, I want to back squat 400 pounds. The “By 2017” goals should be very few if any. It’s better to have plenty of one month goals to support that overall vision.

We must remember that we reduce our chances of hitting the ball solid, if we are too busy looking over the outfield fence. As a former ballplayer, I had a handful of homeruns in high school. I never got to enjoy the view of a single one because I was too busy sprinting to first base with my head down. However, I did get to see the beautiful trajectories of a lot of pop fly outs.

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Step 3: Change “I have to”, with “I get to”.
The inputs are often unsexy, and that’s why people forget about them. But there is a way we can remember them more often, AND increase our desire to complete them.

We can accomplish this simply by changing a few words we use in every day conversation, whether it be with other people or in our internal monologues. By doing this we prime ourselves to have a positive experience rather than a negative one, and goal achievement is the gathering of a whole bunch of positive experiences.

For me personally, this is the busiest challenge I’ve ever been on; my son just turned two years old, we bought a house this past summer we’ve been fixing up to our liking, and my wife is very pregnant as we are getting ready for the arrival of a baby girl due in April (who’s nursery was finally completed this past weekend). Not to mention, running a CrossFit gym, coaching way more hours than I have, and putting on this challenge.

coastal nursery

(The baby’s room I got to paint and the wonderful furniture I got to put together.) 

When it comes time for my WOD, or workout of the day, you better believe I’m saying “I GET TO workout!!!”  My workouts are the one hour of my day that I GET TO think about nothing but lifting the weight that sits in front of me. Even coaching 6-8 hours a day has become a huge I GET TO, because there is so much crap that goes along with running a business that once you get to do the thing you got into business for, it makes your day.

In my life I also say, I GET TO paint this room my daughter will sleep in (until she’s 30), or I GET TO change my baby boy’s really stinky diaper (I really do say this), and internally whether these experiences really are positive ones or I just make them seem that way, it doesn’t matter.
I am filled with gratitude to be able to complete tasks many would deem trivial.

If I could add one question to the above four, it would be “What am I grateful for?” This can be a daily, weekly, and monthly question. I answer this question as soon as I wake up every morning. Sometimes I write it, sometimes I say it out loud.

I believe Step 3 is the most important step. You don’t have to be grateful for dirty diapers like I am, but you do have to be grateful for your fitness and your workouts. Be grateful that you have a body physically capable of doing great things. Be grateful that you have the equipment, tools, and coaches at your disposal to accomplish anything you desire. Be grateful that you have the freedom of choice to decide what your next step is.

I’ve given you 3 steps, now it’s your turn to take one…

-Tonytony about the author_edited jpg

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