omelet muffins, almond banana pancakes, pork stuffed peppers

SUPERHUMAN30 Challenge – Day 14: Take Advantage of FREE Paleo Cookbooks!

Posted on 15. Jan, 2012 by in Recipes, SUPERHUMAN30 Challenge

It might not surpass PaleoSuperhuman as the best Paleo internet resource, :), but signing up for Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint information is one of the smartest decisions you can make on your superhuman journey.  We have most of Mark’s books: including The Primal Blueprint, The Primal Blueprint Cookbook, and his 21-day Total Body Transformation.  Mark has an incredible ability to transform complex information into simple and practical advice, and that is why his books and website are at the top of our favorite Paleo/ Primal resources.  Mark also has outstanding FREE E-books when you sign-up at his website, Mark’s Daily Apple.

The free E-books include a Reader-Created Cookbook, a Reader-Created Coconut Recipe Cookbook, a Fitness E-book, and a Primal Smoothie Recipe book.  Once you sign up by entering your email at Mark’s Daily Apple, you can access the cookbook’s HERE with the password they send you.

The Reader-Created Cookbook is awesome!  We’ve made several meals out of the recipes from there.  If you clicked on this article purely because you didn’t understand what the heck that picture was at the top… it is Omelet Muffins, Almond Banana Pancakes, and Pork-Stuffed Peppers.  All the recipes were OUTSTANDING!

I especially loved the magical Almond Banana Pancakes, that somehow turned into a pancake with only three ingredients; 2 bananas, almond butter, and an egg!  These are a must try!

The omelet muffins were also a very delicious breakfast treat. They would be especially perfect if you had guests over for breakfast and wanted to serve something simple and less messy. It’s much healthier than a bran muffin, that is for sure!

We also made a great dinner of Pork & Beef Stuffed Peppers that were inspired by the Crock Pot Pork Peppers in the cookbook. We used an oven instead of the crock pot, 400 degrees for an hour and a half, covered in tin foil. They turned out amazing and went great with some mashed cauliflower.

Paleo cooking should be fun and experimental. Bring family time back into the kitchen and create something great together!

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