Help Others Achieve Their Dreams, And You Will Achieve Yours

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I love a good, inspirational story. Tell me a good story and you have my attention, 100%.

I use to love watching Sportscenter on ESPN. It was the greatest compilation of sports stories from the previous day and recent history.

The structure of each episode was almost the same each day. The first 30-40 minutes were all highlights from the previous day’s events, and the second half were deeper in depth stories and interviews that noticeably took a lot more effort, time and research to produce. There were beautifully edited highlights paired with personal backstories that could last 5-7 minutes on one game.

Sportscenter use to tell such good stories, that I would often watch it 2-3 times, or make sure I caught the same story for a second time, knowing it would come back on at the same point within the hour. This was pre-DVR (at least in my house it was). If you wanted to tape the highlights of the latest Yankees World Series Championship, you had to pop in a VHS and hit record.

Sportscenter could take the most boring game and piece together the highlights to create a riveting short film. They dived into the personal stories of olympians, X-gamers, coaches, high school and collegiate sports programs you normally wouldn’t look twice at, but became emotionally invested in.


I know this is probably the longest you’ve ever listened to someone talk about Sportscenter but let me finish.

Somewhere along the lines, Sportscenter sacrificed good, quality stories for being the first to report something. They moved to a “Live” format and filled 80% of the show with talking heads, who ironically enough, have never even played sports before. They decided they were going to make the analysts the stars of the show. No longer prioritizing athlete’s lives, but rather non-athletes’ opinions.

Don’t get me wrong, I know ESPN still has shows like “SC Featured”, “30 for 30”, and “E:60”, but their almost afterthoughts now to what once was a storytelling machine. They are drowned out by hour after hour of sportswriters barking at each other.

ESPN tripled down on a tiny piece of their business they had found success in, and lost their mission in the process. They focused on a tactic, rather than their values. It’s comparable to a business owner who gets so involved with the minutia of the daily craziness that they forget to see the bigger picture.

If you own a business, remember this, you are not the star of your show. Now matter how big and successful you get, the people you serve are the stars.

The same goes for parenting. To be a good mother, you do everything to help your kids achieve their goals.

Want to be a good husband? Make your wife’s dreams come true.

If “dreams” sounds a little audacious, substitute “goals”, “wants”, “needs”…anything that is important to someone else, can be important to you. If that person is important to your life or business, their goals are your goals.

When you are creating a business it’s really tough to focus on others. You can claim to be customer service focused, but choices and conflict resolution are often guided by what’s best for the business in that moment. Budgets and timelines often win out over your customer’s dreams.

It’s not just your customer’s dreams that are important. It’s those of your employees, your vendors, the complimentary businesses you can partner with, possibly even someone you formerly thought was a rival, their dreams can matter too.

Once you have the ability to focus on other’s dreams, your business and life will never be the same. This is often a hard task since we haven’t reached our own. I track back to the quote at the title of this post from motivational speaker, Les Brown, a man I listen to often. “Help others achieve their dreams, and you will achieve yours.” Selflessly give first, and it will come back to you.


What irks me most about ESPN’s decline is that they are owned by the Disney Corporation, the ultimate dream maker. For the past couple years, ESPN’s dwindling reach has been a drag on Disney’s earnings and stock. Full disclosure: I’ve never owned Disney’s stock but have seriously contemplated it as they’ve purchased the rights to Lucasfilm, the Star Wars franchise, and the Marvel Comics empire. Talk about investing in STORIES and DREAMS!

Disney just reported yet another earnings disappointment last week. When you ask the analysts on CNBC, they have no idea why ESPN can’t pull it together to help their parent company.

My solution should be pretty clear at this point:
If Disney wants help from ESPN they need to help ESPN achieve it’s goals by telling it’s story. Once they attempt to shape ESPN’s narrative they will realize angry sportswriters, opinions of washed up athletes, and mid-show Twitter “tweet” updates were never the story.


Does Disney serve a bigger purpose than making a park with fun rides and producing entertaining movies? Does ESPN serve a bigger purpose than reporting sports scores?
Those are things they are “supposed to do”, but they can, and have served a much greater purpose in people’s lives.

I encourage you to look for your greater purpose and find out what your dreams are. Once you determine what your dreams are, start focusing on the dreams of others around you. Take the time to learn about someone else’s dreams. The successful business or amazing family is only going to come once you’ve given selflessly to help others.

There is no greater selfless dedication than that of a mother. When it comes to putting the dreams of others’ first, no one does it better than mom. A great mom doesn’t stop at the things they are supposed to do. This is probably why moms can make amazing business owners.

To all the moms out there who have given everything to make their children’s dreams come true, THANK YOU. You build the amazing families by putting them first.

I’m grateful to the mom’s in my life; the mother of our two kids, my wife Shannon. My own mom, who always encouraged me to write stories ever since I was little. And a Happy Mother’s Day to my grandma, my mother-in-law, my grandma-in-law, and my sister-in-law. Love you all.

If you’re a mom and made it through all that Sportscenter talk, I want to wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day! May all your dreams come true.


-Tony Frezza

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