How to use Happiness to conquer impossible goals, never work a day in your life, and become Superhuman!

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Every once in a while you come across a book or piece of information that you KNOW, even as your reading it, that your life will never be the same.  The information in the blog or book can be incredibly simple or incredibly profound, but it clicks with you in a way that it will positively shape you for the rest of your life. 

 To this day, there are exactly 3 books that have had this effect on me.  The first two (The Paleo Solution, and The Four Hour Work Week) are the reason that I have this blog to share with you right now, and the reason I have been traveling through Europe and London for the last 2 months. 

 The third book is titled The Happiness Advantage and it has just begun to have an impact in my life just like other two. 

I picked up the book over a week ago after seeing the following YOUTUBE video where author, Shawn Achor, delivers one of the funniest and most inspiring TED talks I have ever seen.  

 As great as the video is, it is just the tip of the iceberg of The Happiness Advantage. 

 Most of us spend our entire lives, waiting for success to come, before we allow ourselves to be happy.  Once we lose the weight, get the promotion, or find our soulmate, ONLY THEN will we be happy. 

 But if you could learn just one thing from The Happiness Advantage, it’s that this formula is fundamentally broken and needs to be flipped.  Instead of allowing success to determine our happiness, we should first focus our energy on being happy, and success will almost always follow. 

 The Happiness Advantage lines up study after study that proves how powerful our brains really are.  We don’t have the power to just perceive the world differently through phony positive thinking; we have the power to completely change the world around us, by directing our thoughts, feelings, and actions.     

 And while I wish I could share with you every detail of the book, and how to apply it to your own life, there are just too many important topics for me to touch on in just a short blog post. 

 But I do want to provide you with some quick and easy tools that you can start utilizing in your own life.  Because unlike dietary and exercise changes which can take days or weeks to have a noticeable effect, the benefits of The Happiness Advantage can be felt in this moment.   So as your waiting for your copy of the book to ship from Amazon, you can start making your life better and more enjoyable right now. 

 How to Guarantee Happiness

 Happiness is not just a mood, it’s a habit that can be cultivated from training your brain to see the positive opportunities around you.  Our brains only have a finite amount of resources to contribute to a given state.  By creating a pattern where we scan the world for opportunities and positive ideas, it makes it nearly impossible to dwell on the negative.  Start or end every day by writing down “3 good things” that happened in your life in the last 24 hours.  Do this every day for a minimum of 21 days and it will not only feel great to relive those fun and meaningful events in your life, but you will be training yourself to see the positive in all future situations.

 How to Never Work a Day in Your Life

 Whether you are a janitor or a doctor, you have the ability to view your work as a job, a career, or a CALLING.  People who see their work as a calling, work harder and are more successful than people who view their work as a job or a career.  The mindset you have regarding your work is much more important than the actual work itself.  By highlighting the meaning that can be derived from your work and aligning your daily tasks with your personal vision, you never have to feel like you’re working again. 

How to Eliminate the Need for Willpower

 Self control and willpower are both limited resources that are quickly used up.  By creating rules and fostering habits, we eliminate the need for willpower in the most important areas of our life.  The trick is to create the path of least resistance for positive habits you want to form and add resistance for negative habits you want to avoid.  The best paleo diet example of this would be to clear your pantry of processed junk food, and filling your fridge with fresh fish, meats, fruits, and vegetables. It also could be as easy as sleeping in your workout clothes to increase your chances of going to the gym in the morning.  Make it easy to develop good habits, and you will no longer have to discipline yourself into staying on track. 

 How to Conquer (Seemingly) Impossible Goals

 How successful we are in any situation, has less to do with how much control we actually have, and more to do with how much control we think we have.  Whenever you are put in an overwhelming situation or are facing a goal that seems too distant to overcome, start by defining a specific list of things that you can control and throw away any of the ones you can’t.  Once you have a specific list, identify one thing that you can accomplish quickly and do that first.  Everyday, before you check email or begin your day, set out to conquer one small task.  This continuous improvement will eventually turn into MAJOR achievements. 

 Putting it all together: How to Be Superhuman 

As practical and effective as all the previous steps are, success and happiness still come down to one defining factor.  The only thing that separated the happiest and most successful people from everybody else, was the strength of their SOCIAL RELATIONSHIPS.  Even in the context of a business setting, the most successful Good-to-Great companies didn’t just love what they did, they loved who they did it with.  Next time you are facing a tough decision or situation, resist the urge to try to handle the problem on your own.  If you want to achieve more and improve the quality of your life, you have to invest in the people and resources around you. 
“Happiness is not the belief that we don’t need to change; it is the realization that we can.”

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