New Superhuman Shirt Unveiled…And It Could Be Yours…FREE!

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Free? Is there a catch? Of course there’s a catch. You actually have to prove you are a Superhuman to get one.  There is just one rule you have to follow to receive Superhuman status.  Rule #1: You have to earn it.

This isn’t The Avengers, so you can’t just have a fine Scarlett Johansson figure and you’re automatically on the team. (What was her super power anyway?)

This is about committing to a goal of Living Superhuman.


Let me explain Living Superhuman in 4 points.

  1. If you’re breathing, you’re living. This means getting the most out of everyday and not taking a second of your life for granted.
  2. The commitment is just as much mental as it is physical.  Positive actions are propelled by positive thoughts, and vice versa.
  3. You will treat your body and health like the gifts they are. You only get one life, one body.
  4. The improvements you make in yourself will be dwarfed by the amount of good things you do for others.


I can honestly say that I’m practicing what I preach. I’m healthier than I’ve EVER been, and I’m helping others make so many positive changes in themselves as well.

I had a goal that I wanted to create something inspirational that would inspire the most devastated spirit out there.  I wanted to create something that would lift people up no matter how low they felt. I wanted to create something that would pick me up off the ground when I felt like I had no more reps to give. I wanted to create something that would give me my laser-like focus back whenever I veered off track.

After months and months of putting this together, I give to you my inspirational “SuperhuMAN”. (Click to enlarge.)


As you can see he is the star of our new Superhuman t-shirts!

Now that I have you wanting a shirt really really bad, it’s a good time to bring up the 50-Day Challenge you must take on if you’d like to win one of our FREE t-shirts.


In January this year, we completed a 30-Day challenge, so cleverly named the Superhuman30.

The results were amazing and a lot of the people who took on the challenge still follow the diet and are turning 2012 into their best year ever.

This Monday, May 14th 2012. We are starting our second challenge ever!  This will be our first 50-day challenge and we are excited to see some tremendous results.

I think we will call it the Superhuman50!!!


My brother Andrew and I have created a very thorough diet guide to help you reach Superhuman health. We are not doctors, nor dieticians, and we do not claim to be, but we do know a crap load about what you should be eating and have been somewhat of lab rats ourselves. Much of our guide is based around the popular “Paleo Diet.”  The more you follow the guide, the better your results will be. And only the best results will be eligible for a free t-shirt.

Also, let it be known that if you promote Living Superhuman a ton and brag to all yours friends and family about how great the site is and how great your results have been, this will probably help your chances at receiving a free t-shirt as well 🙂

We will be making the guide available for download on Sunday May 13th through a dedicated page that I will add to the site. The guide will be an absolutely positively FREE download for the length of this first 50-day challenge. We cannot, I repeat, cannot guarantee the guide will remain free once the challenge ends around July 4th.


Going back to the 4 points at the beginning, this challenge is so much more than “I lost this much poundage in this short amount of time….” Yes, fat loss is awesome and it WILL happen on this challenge, but remember WHY you are doing it.

Remember WHY you are taking on THIS challenge, and just not paying Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers to get you into shape. (I provided their links in case you think they can help you better than we can.)


You can contact us anytime at We encourage you to send your before pictures and your goals for the challenge as soon as possible!

-Tony Frezza

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2 Responses to “New Superhuman Shirt Unveiled…And It Could Be Yours…FREE!”

  1. Jaime

    15. May, 2012

    I want a tshirt!! (but I think you should make a superhuman FEMALE 🙂 )

    • LivingSuperhuman

      15. May, 2012

      that is a female. she’s just a little bulky. 🙂