Our First Superhuman50 Challenge Complete!!!

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Looking back now, it seems like 50 Days came and went with a flash. I know for some it didn’t seem too quick when you were depriving yourself of ice cream and beer, or maybe even ice cream beer? (Mmmm, is there such a thing? There needs to be.)  But hopefully you survived and stuck with the lifestyle change that will lead you to Superhuman results.


The first six months of 2012 has absolutely flown by. I can’t believe we are halfway through the year already.  You know what that means Superhumans… it’s time to set your goals for 2012.5!


The end of our very first Superhuman50 challenge could not have come at a better time.  I didn’t realize when we planned the first 50-day Challenge that it would end right around the halfway mark to the year. Just in time for Round 2 of New Year’s Resolutions.

I’ve already heard from readers about how they are using the challenge to propel themselves into 2012.5 greatness and ready to begin their SECOND Superhuman50!  This makes my freakin day and I love hearing the positive feedback. It keeps us going more than you know.


Everybody who has taken the Superhuman50 Challenge, Please submit your stories and pictures to livingsuperhuman@gmail.com by Saturday. On Sunday, we’d like to post all of them to the website and/or facebook and see who had the best transformations in order to earn the Superhuman prizes. Remember we have great prizes like Living Superhuman t-shirts, $50 gift certificates to U.S. Wellness Meats, and Copies of the Perfect Health Diet to give away. Also, Please submit a testimonial explaining your personal experience with your picture.

I know not everyone’s first half of 2012 has them farting rainbows like myself, so I feel I should address the negative feedback I’ve heard (or overheard), and save the praising of our Superhumans for a future post with their transformation pictures.


Some have stuck to the challenge 100% of the time, some 90%, and some 30%. (Personally I was about 89%, but I will wait for the end to get into the personal stuff.)  If you fell in the 30% range or lower you probably didn’t stick to the diet regimen enough to even feel the slightest bit of amazing effects we are trying to help you achieve.


Why I want to emphasize the importance of taking on a challenge where you make yourself follow the diet strictly for at least 3 weeks.


  • I know better than anyone how hard it is to commit to something new. Especially when you have foods you love and a plan that you already feel is pretty awesome. Pun intended but I waivered like an overgrown corn stalk whether or not giving up corn, grains, soy, and dairy was worth it.


  • It was literally months of skipping a sub HERE or ordering 2 beers instead of 5 THERE, before I went full-fledged Paleo about 9 months ago.  Even though I eat a lot less Nutella now, I’m so thankful that I CHALLENGED myself to think and eat differently.  If it wasn’t for experiencing the changes myself, I would not have become this loud-ass Paleo advocate that you read today.


  • Paleo will always be just a diet or a fad to you until you have your Paleo epiphany. There is a reason there are SOO MANY Paleo diet blogs out there, because everyone who has their epiphany feels the need to share it with the world because it really is THAT AMAZING. And it’s even more AMAZING that traditional dietary advice continues to rehash the same, bad advice over and over.  Hence why we feel the need to SPEAK LOUDER to be heard over the bullshit!


I want your 2012.5 to be the greatest ever.  I don’t know you personally (or maybe I do) but I know you deserve it.  I know your body deserves it.  I truly believe that if you stick to the 50-Day Challenge the full way through, you will put yourself on track for your best half year ever and beyond.


If I could just emphasize one more point, it would be that the Superhuman50 Challenge is far from a beauty contest.  It’s about the quality of life you make for yourself and all those around you. I can honestly promise you a better style of living that has NOTHING to do with how you look.


So far 2012 has contained one 30-Day Challenge and one 50-Day Challenge. If you can look back and reflect on how well you did during the challenges, that’s awesome, congrats to you, and thank you so much for following our site.


I set a goal on January 1st that 2012 would be my best year ever.


While these Challenges have been key to my best year ever, they provide nothing in terms of measurement of how well my year went. They are simply an outline to help keep me on track so that I can grow as a better person each and every day.


I could self appoint myself some grades for the challenges based on how well I completed them, but I really find no use in examining the past. I also logged hundreds of meals thus far in 2012. Not because I wanted to reflect on them to see how well I ate in a given week, but because it gave me structure and accountability at the time of performing the act of it. It was the act of logging the meals that was valuable to me, not the fact that I now have Excel spreadsheets full of weekly meals.


I’ve said it before and I will say it again, the point isn’t to take a before picture and an after picture and sit back and reflect on how well you did. The point is to use the Challenge to propel you into a quality of life that is above anything you’ve ever felt. A life that is Superhuman.


As you can see from the pictures, my year is going pretty well so far, and I’m happy to report, this is DEFINITELY MY BEST YEAR EVER. There is also a lot you can’t see in pictures.  I have incredible energy, a great mood, and my mind just cranks out amazing blog posts one after another because I’m always firing on all cylinders.  Apparently cockiness is a side-effect though, haha. I’m also stronger than I’ve ever been, putting up 300 lbs on the bench press for the first time in my benching history.  I’m taking on more versatile workouts and Olympic lifting moves that I’d never thought I’d be able to do before. And I’m way more flexible and injury resistant than I’ve ever been.  I had no idea something so simple as diet could play such a giant role in quality of life.


It’s important we have milestones and goals like benching 300 pounds but they do not define who we are.  They don’t define who we are because they are constantly being replaced as we grow and make new goals. While my grade for the first Superhuman50 would be about a B+ for myself, its already in the past and I’m looking forward to what tomorrow will bring.


When January 2013 comes along in another blink of our eyes, I will not look back and say, “Wow, 2012 was my best year ever!” I will say, “2013 is going to be even better!”

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