“Perfect Health Diet” Book Review

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I’m not going to hold back the suspense for this post… this book is one of my favorite health books of all time.


This book is the Perfect Health Diet: Four Steps to Renewed Health, Youthful Vitality, and Long Life. It’s written by the very brilliant husband and wife duo of Dr. Paul Jaminet, and Dr. Shou-Ching Jaminet.


Before I get into any details about the book, I want to announce that we will be giving away FREE copies of the Perfect Health Diet book to the greatest transformations of the Superhuman50 Challenge ending July 4th, 2012. Thank you Paul Jaminet for your generosity in providing these for us. Even though Dr. Paul is a very kind man, my review is based solely on my opinion of the book and how I think it will best help others. 🙂


When I first got into the Paleo Diet late last summer, my brother started noticing all his Paleo books were going missing.  And all these missing books happened to coincide with my visits to his condo. It didn’t take him long to figure out where they were going.


The first books I borrowed were the three big named books of the Paleo world; The Primal Blueprint: Reprogram your genes for effortless weight loss, vibrant health, and boundless energy (Primal Blueprint Series), The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet, and The Paleo Diet: Lose Weight and Get Healthy by Eating the Foods You Were Designed to Eat
.  After blazing through them, I also read Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It by Gary Taubes, In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan, and about 7 other titles.


These are all extremely great books and I highly recommend them for those looking into trying a Paleo or low-carb diet.


I don’t think I could have appreciated Perfect Health Diet as much as I did, had I not read some of these books beforehand. The content in this book is awesome, but I fear it could scare off newbies with its scientific speak. (Although I found “The Paleo Solution” to be too scientific for what people recommended as a beginner to Paleo book.)


If I could recommend a sequence to new Paleo reading I would recommend you read this as your third book. Pick two books from the ones mentioned above to read through first as a “paleo primer”.  I think my two favorite books to order with this one would be “The Primal Blueprint” and “Why We Get Fat.” They will arm you with a nice background to help you appreciate this book even more.


I obviously regret not reading this book sooner, but I don’t live with regrets. After only about 20 pages into the book I knew this was going to be my copy and I would have to order my brother a brand new one. I had highlighted and wrote notes all over his book!

This is how jam packed with useful information this book is. It’s set up in a non-traditional way that almost reads like a very well done textbook. It’s incredibly easy to skim back through the book after reading to catch back up on a subject you need to look up.

It’s also very helpful that the resources are listed right there on the page that they are cited. You don’t have to travel to the back of the book to find an article url that you might want to look up. This made the reading of the book very interactive for me because I was constantly researching the cited studies throughout.

The Dedication of the book really sets the tone for what the book is about. They dedicate the book to Paul’s mother who died of cancer at age 33, and to Shou-Ching’s father, who died of a stroke at age 62. They also dedicate it “to the hope that disease and premature death will soon be eradicated.”

A big AMEN.


Here are some of the highlights* you will read in this book.

–      How to build the Perfect diet

–      Macronutrient roles, importance, and proper ratios

–      Carbs, Insulin, and Glucose (O MY!)

–      Dietary fat needs and the different good and bad types

–      Which fats and oils are good for cooking? Which are dangerous when heated?

–      How to lower your toxicity

–      The 4 Most Dangerous Foods! (Sorry I can’t resist listing them here for you. 1. Cereal Grains  2. Legumes  3. Vegetable Oils  4. Fructose Sugar)

–      Why Wheat is SOOOO Bad for us.

–      Omega6 vs. Omega3 ratio optimization, Other proper nutrient/mineral ratios

–      What eating meat does for your body? How about vegetables? Or fruit?

–      Safe Starches

–      Supplementation of Vitamins and Minerals

–      How to live the Perfect Health Diet

–      How to achieve long life and vitality

*This outline just scratches the surface of all that is contained within this book.


For those of you that know me, you know that I’m not a book nerd (regardless of what you saw above about all the books I read.) I guess I should rephrase that.  I get very easily distracted and I could never pay attention in all of my years of schooling.  So saying a book reads kind of like a textbook should be a huge turn off to me… but this book WILL keep your attention and WILL teach you something new with every turn of the page.

After reading “Perfect Health Diet” I dare say it is one of the best, if not the best out of all the Paleo diet style books out there. While not explicitly a Paleo diet book, the authors frequently touch on the subject of eating how we were meant to eat. Even STEP TWO out of the 4 Steps is “Eat ‘Paleo,’ not toxic.”

Sadly, I don’t think this book is getting the attention it deserves. I’m just speculating here but this may be because it does not have the trendy “paleo” name anywhere in the title or sub-title and it does not mention its alignment with “evolutionary eating” anywhere on the cover. I think this could do wonders for the book if it redesigned it’s cover to convey this message.


My brother and I started this website in hopes to find the perfect diet and to teach others how to follow it, and at first we named it PaleoSuperhuman. After much thought we switched over to LivingSuperhuman because we felt it was a better fit with our goals and we didn’t want to marry the Paleo brand. I hope the name switch works out for us, just as I wish many more people discover this book. It has a very modest cover on the outside, but on the inside it has so much to offer.

I want to assure you that this book is NOT overwhelmingly scientific. Yes it had scientific facts, but shouldn’t all books about health? Maybe I’ve been personally primed by reading the many books from the authors above beforehand, but I felt this book was still a VERY easy read. Now that I’ve learned a pretty strong base of what our bodies should eat, it was important that I really knew the WHY. This book was great at helping me understand the WHY.


P.S.  I think Paul Jaminet and Chris Kresser (who just happens to write a recommendation on the book’s back cover) are two of the brightest minds when it comes to learning about our bodies. When you hear these guys talk, its best you listen. Please search their names in the podcasts section of itunes and download every one you can find them on.


P.S.S. Let me know if you’ve read Perfect Health Diet: Four Steps to Renewed Health, Youthful Vitality, and Long Life
and how you liked it.

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2 Responses to ““Perfect Health Diet” Book Review”

  1. Ray R.

    13. Jun, 2012

    Probably the best book I have ever read on complete health…. If you were to have someone read Why We Get Fat and The Perfect Health Diet, they would instantly be more well versed on nutrition than seemingly 90% of the population, lol.

    • LivingSuperhuman

      13. Jun, 2012

      Great point Ray. They should be required reading in our schools!