Superhuman50 Final Countdown! Where has the time/pounds gone?

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There are only about 10 Days left to our first Superhuman50 Challenge! This is something we would like to host over and over through the year as new people find our site.  For a first go at it, we are ecstatic with the response and the changes people have experienced. The “sharing” of the challenge has been awesome as well. It’s been pretty cool seeing people recruit their friends and family. They are upping the accountability factor by telling more people about the challenge they are taking on, but they are also inspiring others to make a change too, and that’s what it’s all about!

Since our 50 Days is coming to an end around the July 4th holiday, we want to give our readers until July 7th to send in their “After” pictures and testimonials. In order to receive Free Superhuman T-shirts and PRIZES, you must submit your testimonial before July 7th   to  See more on our PRIZES below.

If you did not send in a “before” picture at the beginning of the Challenge then that is ok. Even if you have a transformation to share that has been taking place all year long, we would love to hear it.


How Much is a Picture Worth

While transformations in pictures are awesome and some good news from your scale can be pleasing, we want to emphasize the importance of your Superhuman changes that have gone behind physical appearance.

We want your Superhuman challenge story to be just as inspiring as the visual transformation.

Say you’re a stay-at-home mom and have been incredibly busy through the Superhuman50. You may have only lost 5 pounds, but you got your 5-year old completely off bread. This to us is a HUGE victory and is worth telling.

Your changes don’t have to be physical, they don’t even have to be YOUR changes! Tell us about how you may have influenced a fellow co-worker to drop 10 pounds.

One friend of mine has made his own challenge to his co-workers to get them to run or walk a mile every single day for the month of June. I thought this was so great and inspiring. He turned a personal goal into an office-wide announcement and is now sparking positive change in others.


Its Happening! I’m starting to feel Superhuman!

It’s possible you can have greater emotional or spiritual changes than anything you experience physically. This was especially true for me the first time I tried Paleo strictly for 3 weeks. I learned more about my body in one month than I had learned in the previous 27 years.

We want EVERYONE to submit a story along with their picture. We would like to post each person’s story to Facebook and our blog, giving each Superhuman transformation THEIR VERY OWN PAGE.  For legal reasons we have to say that all submissions will become the property of Living Superhuman so that we can have the freedom to use it the best way we see fit to inspire others.

Speaking of PRIZES, we have been very fortunate to get some great donated prizes from our great Paleo friends. Thank you Paul Jaminet and the kind people at U.S. Wellness Meats!

Prizes we have to give away:

–       2  Copies of “Perfect Health Diet” by Paul Jaminet & Shou-Ching Jaminet

–       2 $50 U.S. Wellness Grass-Fed Beef

–       Unlimited # of Superhuman T-shirts 

–       We are working on getting a couple Paleo e-books to give away too!

For anyone out there with a book, cookbook, fitness equipment, or ridiculously awesome meat delivered to your door, and you would like to donate prizes to award to our Superhumans we GLADLY welcome them. You can find where to reach us at our About Us page.


Revisit Your Goals

Whether I like it or not, 6 45 pound plates are gonna go onto the bench press barbell next Friday.  I’ve always thought this was a level of strength made for guys much bigger than I, and this was when I was 17 pounds larger myself! I really have no idea if I can bench press 315, or if I can even do 300. But I’m going to give it everything I have to get it.

My second goal was to dunk a basketball. This test will also come next Friday and I will be sure to film it for all to see. Lets hope for epic success instead of epic fail 🙂

While my goals were pretty lofty, especially since I thought my strength and jumping ability had already peaked 7 years ago around age 21, I’m going to keep striving for them until I reach them. I know they are possible and if anyone can reach them, I know it’s me.

Give the rest of the challenge everything you have. Finish strong and enjoy the journey. 

I also had a goal of getting 1500 fans to our FACEBOOK PAGE by Day 50. I still have until next weekend to make this happen, but it’s going to be totally up to my fellow Superhumans if we achieve this mark or not. It’s going to take a lot of sharing and recommendations to friends to help get LivingSuperhuman out there so we can help more and more people.

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