The Superhuman50 Challenge Begins! Where to Start!

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First, I have to say this is our 100th post! There is no better way to start a new challenge than by passing an old milestone!

It’s Day 1 of our Superhuman50 Challenge and there is nothing but excitement, optimism, and high hopes abound. It’s awesome to see because all this positive feeling and commitment feeds off of itself and leads to some pretty tremendous results for those who get involved.

Our first challenge went from January 1-31st 2012 of this year and it was so great to see how many people joined together and gave support to each other on the facebook page.  There was so much weight lost between everyone, many plateaus were broken through, many pants dropped (they literally didn’t fit any more), and most importantly, people gained the correct nutritional knowledge that they’ve been deprived of their whole lives.

There is ONE truly important message that we learned in the first challenge that we want to be different this time around.

This time the challenge will last 50 days for everyone, NO MATTER WHAT.

This time, there is NO, “Whoops, I had a beer. I failed the challenge and now I’m done.”

This is not that kind of challenge. This is a challenge to get in the best shape you possibly can in 50 days.

This is a challenge to FEEL and look better than you EVER have before.

This is a challenge to show anyone who ever doubted you that you can do ANYTHING you commit to, even if the only person that ever doubted you was YOU.

*If you don’t come across this post until June and you can only make it a 30-day challenge, or a 20-day, or a 10-day then JUST DO IT. JUST GET STARTED. Superhuman health cannot be put on hold any longer. You owe it to your body to begin today!


My brother and I know the importance of a good cheat, and we very much know the importance of having a good time.  We hold enjoying life and spending time with family & friends above anything else on this planet.

We would much rather you go to a special occasion such as a wedding and completely enjoy yourself than even give diet a second thought while you are there. Check out these tips for a better cheat.


This challenge is going to last 50 days whether you are IN or not.

You are going to take a Day 1 picture and a Day 50 picture. You have to. We are making you :). 


Everything you do in between that time is totally in your hands. You determine how Day 50 compares to Day 1.

Andrew’s and I’s hope is that we can put you in the best position possible to achieve every awesome result you desire.


Let’s get started with your first 4 Things to DO:

1.    Set YOUR Goals for the next 50 days.

We can’t tell you what your goals are; we can only help you achieve them.

Write them down TODAY.  Make sure they are clear, specific, measurable and realistic. Going down two pant sizes in 50 days is an example of a specific goal.

Write down how you feel now, and write about where you want to be. Get a CLEAR picture of where you WILL BE in 50 days.  Picture it in your head and never lose sight of that image.


 2. Take your “before” pictures (and “before” measurements).

I emphasize the importance of taking a “before” picture because it will be your motivation to improve on that picture.

Granted, you may have pictures of you overweight that you aren’t happy with, but this time you are taking a picture for a reason. You are taking a picture to solely improve that image

Body measurements are also important. They are superior to what you see on the scale. A scale can be deceiving because you can lose fat but also gain muscle, and not lose any pounds.

3.      Clean out your pantry.

If you see something in your pantry every day, it will tempt you, it will break you down mentally, and YOU WILL EAT IT.

When I look back at the pictures of all the food I threw out to begin the Superhuman30, I can’t even believe some of the stuff I USE TO BUY! I actually paid real dollars for all that crap!

There are so many staples of my past diet that I would never even imagine buying now after knowing what I know.  Peanut butter, skim milk, protein bars, granola bars, reduced fat crackers, Gatorade, and yes…diet soda.  And I don’t say staples lightly, these foods WERE MY DIET.

Now it is all about fresh foods that need to be kept refrigerated and actually do spoil!  Remember that fact, real food spoils! Check out this comparison between a 12-year old McDonald’s Hamburger and a brand new one.


4. Go shopping.

Now that your pantry is looking clean and organized, it’s time to fill up that fridge with fresh veggies, meats, seafood, and more. Heres my shopping list from our first challenge.

It is not our goal to make sure you eat ALL organic vegetables or ALL grass-fed beef and poultry. Is it healthier for you? Of course it is. Does it taste better? Heck yes it does. But we don’t want it be the end all controversial sticking point to going Paleo or not.

At the same time, if you never look for wild caught fish or grass-fed beef then you likely won’t find it.

We encourage you to explore local, fresh, wild, natural food options. There are also some great websites like US Wellness Meats that carry the most delicious grass-fed beef patties I’ve ever had.

Check out our Paleo Recipes page which will be updated with more and more recipes and check out sites like for ideas.

Check out Tips for saving money when shopping healthy

Cook your first paleo meal and let your belly know this is gonna be good times!


Please feel free to comment about your start to the Superhuman50 Challenge below or at our facebook page. Good luck everyone!


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