Superhuman 40 Transformation: Alan Mcgee

alan kb swings

Alan’s Story:

The first thing I have to say is thank you.  This started out as a challenge and has now evolved into a lifestyle.  My wife tells me not only am I drinking the Kool-Aid, but now I’m mixing it as well, and she’s right.  This has been such a huge change in the way I feel.

The first major blessing is that I no longer have any abdominal pain since the start of the 40 day challenge.  Ever since my surgery, I have dealt with lower abdominal pain almost daily.  Since about day 4 of the challenge, I have been 100% pain free, well except for the fun pain the day after a hard WOD.  All my old friends keep asking what’s my secret.  I look younger now than I did 10 years ago (and yes I love that).  It boils down to eating real food and CrossFit.


Here are the goals I set for myself at the onset of the 40 day challenge:

“I will lose 25 pounds by day 40.  I will deadlift 350 lbs. I will do 10 unbroken kipping pull-ups.  I will use 100 lbs for overhead squats.”


Now let’s see how I did.

Lost a total of 10.2% of my body fat which equates to 24.95 lbs.

My total weight loss was 16.1 lbs.

Which means I added 8.75 lbs. of muscle “BOOYA!”


105 lb Overhead Squat

175 lb Push Press

315 lbs X 3 reps Deadlift (I know I can do over 350 right now!)

295 lb Back Squat

5 Kipping Pull-ups unbroken


I have already started my second 40 day Superhuman Challenge. Bring on the Kool-Aid!

alan transformation

alan transfomation after