Superhuman 40 Transformation: Ceren Isildak



Ceren’s Story:

I’ve always been someone who prioritized fitness and led an active lifestyle with various sports. However, a few years ago, I suffered several serious injuries from training horses including internal bruising and a bad knee injury which had me on bed rest for 2 months followed by a rough rest of the year in recovery time. After that I was afraid to push myself out of fear of further injuries. I stuck with yoga until I started Crossfit in September 2014. I decided to take on the 40 day challenge with the end goal of being in the best physical shape of my life. I wanted to improve my body fat percentage to be more toned to maintain an athletic build, and I also had a personal goal of being able to do pull-ups :)….

Time to reflect on the past 40 days living superhuman! It’s been a great couple weeks with amazing support and an insane amount of strength achieved. I had a lot of physical strength achievements earned over the course of the challenge. With the help of all the amazing trainers at CFPB, I was able to do my first RX and even RTG workouts, as well as a whole lot of PRs. I was also able to achieve one my personal goals for the challenge, which were PULL-UPS! I really believe my added strength was largely attributed to not only the dedication to a fitness routine but also the paleo diet and eating for maximum strength. I definitely struggled on the diet portion, but the amount of time the trainers spend going over your diet and customize a plan specifically for you is really incredible, and I’m so grateful to have had their support (Especially you Andrew, thank you so much!!!). I’ve also met the most amazing people through this little CFPB and superhuman challenge family who have also been so helpful and supportive… Whether they’re cheering you on to finish a workout, sharing recipes through the FB page, showing you techniques or tricks to improve a skill during WOD, or encouraging you to try new things (such as a savage race) they’re 100% the most supportive community.
It’s crazy to find out how far you can come if you push yourself and how much strength can be achieved. Just a couple years ago, I was being told by doctors I couldn’t run or do any strenuous activity with my severe knee injury that never fully healed. It was a barrier that kept me from working out and trying crossfit for quite some time, out of fear of injury. But now I feel stronger and healthier than ever. I did this challenge to prove to myself I could do it, as I’m constantly trying to please others and don’t focus on myself enough. This challenge allowed me to dedicate time for myself to concentrate on my health and well being, both mental and physical. I‘m planning on continuing this superhuman lifestyle, it’s only the beginning for me!
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