Superhuman 40 Transformation: Megan Cassano!

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Megan’s AKA “Mugs” Story:

I joined CrossFit in April 2014 because I was searching for a positive change in my life.  I’ve always been pretty athletic, but never managed to stick with anything in particular.  After only one fundamentals class, I threw myself into the 9 am WOD and I was hooked from day one.  I never thought I would enjoy lifting weights, but I was so wrong.  I absolutely loved it!  After about 4 months in, I was informed there was going to be a Superhuman challenge and as interesting as it sounded, I was too caught up in my own lifestyle to commit to such a thing… I was too concerned with a trip to Oregon for a beerfest, my 30th birthday, partying and a week long trip to the keys for sun, fun and booze.  If you’re not catching where I’m going with this, I think my focus was on PRing for drinking and not the gym.  As much as I already loved CFPB and had seen multiple gains, my priorities were clearly not in the right place.

I’ve worked in the restaurant industry my whole life and adapted to that lifestyle at a very young age. The typical work night consisted of getting out of work around 10 or 11pm and going out with coworkers for drinks and food. This had been and routine for me for years and I’m sure you can imagine the food you can get at midnight.  So long story short, I was eating bad late at night, and drinking more nights of the week than not.
After seeing the results from the first challenge, I realized what it could do for me, yet I still didn’t make any changes.

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Over the next 4 months I gained weight (I was gaining muscle, but still not losing the fat) because I hadn’t changed anything outside of the gym. Also, a very special person came into my life and showed me that I could still have fun while enjoying things that didn’t consist of partying and alcohol.  After taking a step back and looking at my life as a whole, I realized that I wanted to live a healthier lifestyle, but had to be willing to commit and do this on my own for me and only me!!  When I heard the gym was starting another challenge, I knew it was my time.  I had been thinking about it long enough and knew I was truly ready to commit.  2015 was going to be MY year! I’m not getting any younger and it was beyond time for a change!  So on January 5th I started Day 1.

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“Challenge” is an understatement for what I went through the past month and a half.  COMPLETE LIFESTYLE CHANGE is more like it!  Other than my gym routine, everything else changed.  I learned how to prioritize my time, grocery shop and meal prep.  I learned how to say no every time I was offered food or junk at work (in a restaurant).  I learned how to go straight home from work and enjoy time by myself.  And I started watching a lot of Netflix to occupy my nights.  A handful of my friends were supportive, but the majority of them said I couldn’t do it and then gave me grief because I “dropped off the face of the earth.”  My social life took a dive, but I knew it was for the best.  The first couple weeks were a struggle, but once I got used to prepping and packing food to go, it wasn’t that hard anymore.

I almost feel like it went from a mental challenge to a 180° change about halfway through.  I was sleeping better and felt more energized.  Once my body adapted to all the changes, I could feel my performance in the gym getting better as well.  And of course, as soon as I saw physical changes it drove me to love it that much more!!!

It is amazing what you can do when you put your mind to something and stick with it.  I lost 10 pounds and a total of 9 inches off of my body in 40 days.  I have NEVER felt this amazing before mentally and physically!  This was a real eye opener as to how I was living my life versus how I want to live my life.  This “challenge” is definitely not over for me…it is only the beginning of my wonderful new way of life!

Thank you again to all of my amazing coaches who push me everyday to help me make a better version of myself!!  I never knew 30 could feel this good!!

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