Superhuman 40 Transformation: Mike Seminerio

Mike’s Story:
When I started the Challenge, I expected only physical changes centered around losing additional body fat. It was in those first few days that my experiences taught me the most important lesson about eating clean.I very quickly experienced the “carb flu” in that first week. I went through workouts with a consistent loss of energy, which is when it hit me how much my body had been relying on sugar, or really, had been addicted to sugar for energy for so long. As that period passed, and my body adjusted to the paleo diet, I began to experience increased energy, clarity, and performance during the workouts and throughout each day. Over the weeks I started to push myself more in the workouts, gradually increasing my intensity. I found that I didn’t need to take as many breaks as before, and that I wasn’t as exhausted by the workouts. I also found that I didn’t need to eat as frequently as I had before, some days going for 5-6 hours midday without feeling hungry.

My diet prior to the Challenge had been pretty close to paleo, but it did include for the most part organic dairy sources such as whey protein, cheese and sour cream as well as a much higher intake of fruit and nuts throughout the day, and a lower awareness of added sugars overall.

But, after eliminating the dairy and reducing the nuts and fruits I’ve found that I no longer crave sweets, nor do I feel like I’m missing out on anything. Knowing how those foods impacted my energy and overall health has made me not even want them any more.

When I started the challenge, I was concerned most about eliminating the whey protein from my diet, as I had been consuming it pre and post workout before the Challenge. My fear was that I didn’t want to slow any potential muscle gains, but without it I have experienced increased strength in the workouts since the Challenge began.

With this new energy reserve I have been able to increase the frequency and confidence with which I can complete RX movements, or even entire RX workouts, which is an awesome feeling.

I have felt some increased healing effects as well. When the Challenge began I was still recovering from a bad wrist sprain a month earlier. The inflammation had been very slowly decreasing over time, but even after a month I had not regained enough mobility to hold the front rack position. During week two of the Challenge, I tested my wrist and I was finally able to hold front rack position again. The recovery from the beginning of the Challenge to that moment was much steeper than the month prior, so I can only imagine lower inflammation overall had at least a little to do with the recovery.

Now, my clothes are all fitting looser and I have a very significant increase in muscle definition, the likes of which I have never had in my life.

Here, at the end of the Challenge I’ve recorded the following body changes:

Weight: Approx. -10 lbs.
Waist: -2 inches
Arms (measured around the bicep): -.5 inches
Chest: -1.25 inches
Legs (measured around mid-thigh): +1 inch

I’m sure I’ve lost more than 10 lbs. of body fat over the last 40 days, but the real the weight deficit has probably been eaten up by any muscle I’ve gained over the course of the Challenge.

As someone who grew up on comic books and superheroes, being able to feel, at least a little bit like one is pretty cool. By the second week of the Challenge I had already decided to continue this new lifestyle beyond the forty days to everyday because of all the positive changes I was already experiencing. Here at the end, I only see it as the beginning of a new, stronger, healthier lifestyle.