Superhuman Transformation: CJ’s Story

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There’s nothing that makes me happier than seeing testimonials from friends and family members who have dramatically improved their lives by applying the diet and lifestyle principles we talk about here on Living Superhuman.  Today we have a good one from one of my friends from college, CJ Horvath.

The thing that I love most about CJ’s testimonial is that his motivation for change came at a time when you least expect it.  He didn’t decide to change because it was New Year’s and it was the cool thing to do.  He didn’t decide to change because his doctor said he had some sort of life threatening condition.  He didn’t even wait for my brother and I to tell him it was time for another Superhuman challenge.

He realized that he had reached a point with his weight and his health that he was unhappy with, and decided to take matters into his own hands.  He created his own challenge and stuck with it for 50 days.  Here is his success story.


CJ’s Story:

When I had met Andrew Frezza, I was 19 years old, 140 pounds, and a collegiate athlete.  Life was good.  I used to be able to eat what I wanted without any consequences to my body’s image on the outside, though I know now what I was doing to myself on the inside.  Then one evening I was in a near fatal car accident that ended my participation in college soccer.  Things were about to change.

After my accident, I really took advantage of living that “college” lifestyle, with weekly orders of Ale House chicken nachos, Round Table shuffle board and beers, and of course countless pitchers and wings at the infamous Billy’s.  Little did I realize that all of this was going to catch up to me, and affect me for the worst.

I first heard about the paleo diet and Living Superhuman on Facebook, seeing that I was friends with Andrew and Tony on the social network.  I was immediately interested, not only for myself, but to support friends in their venture to help others. I occasionally prepared paleo meals, and tried sticking to a workout routine, but I found myself cheating more times a week than eating right.  When summer arrived, I was ready to hit the 50 day challenge, only to be interrupted with a cruise and trip to Chicago, and anyone who has been to either knows that food is endless on the cruise, and Chicago has some great hometown favorites in which I couldn’t pass up.

I had arrived back in Florida after my trip and sat in front of the mirror for a bit.  I truly was disappointed in how I looked, how I felt, and what I had let myself become.  I used to be able to keep up with some of the fittest around, and at that point I probably couldn’t make a 10 minute mile.  I knew I had to turn the guys at Living Superhuman and make a change.

Since then, I have purchased a few cookbooks, one of which is all crockpot paleo meals.  This happens to be my favorite due to the fact that it is so convenient.  I have also found many websites that have their recipe pages updated weekly, allowing fans to post their own paleo recipes on the sites as well.  Convenience is the key!  The guys at Living Superhuman have taught me that leftovers are my friend, because when the end of the day comes around and you don’t have anything prepared, it can be very tempting to cheat.  Trust me, I have been there a few days.  I have also recently changed my workouts, to more full body, explosive, endurance driven workouts with kettle bells and pull up bars (Thanks Guys!)

I don’t want people to think that this is a fad, or a quick diet to lose a few pounds before the beach.  Though you can do that, it has so much more to offer.  I no longer feel tired and groggy after eating meals.  I no longer feel bloated and unable to move after dinners.  I have more energy throughout my day, as well as throughout my workouts.  The meals are great and the cookies are even better ( Got to love almond flower!)  As an avid fan of cheese and dairy, I can say that I do not miss it at all.  At the beginning I had a few cheat meals here and there, and mainly felt bad afterwards.  I have also found that almond milk is actually more appetizing to me than the Vitamin D Whole Milk I was used to before this.

Okay, enough babbling on.  I am a big supporter of what the guys are doing.  I will continue to live my new lifestyle and set new goals which I know I will achieve with the proper attitude.  I cannot thank you guys enough for your continuous support and advice.  I will continue to spread the word and be a supporting fan!


The Transformation:

**Update: CJ isn’t stopping! It’s only been a week since he finished up his 50 day challenge and he is already down to 200 lbs!  That makes 25 lbs lost in only 50 days.  He’s going for 100 days in a row now!**


Final Thoughts:

Now CJ was nice enough to give us credit several times throughout his testimonial but we just want to emphasize the fact that he deserves all the credit for what he has accomplished so far.  All my brother and I provide are basic knowledge and tools to make the process a little easier.  These are things that have helped us, that we think can help you as well.

What you have to realize is that in life, especially now with the internet, lots of people have the knowledge and tools to accomplish everything they could possibly imagine.  It takes a special person to take action and execute on what they know they are capable of.  It takes a ton of motivation and discipline to actually follow through every single day.

So allow us to throw all the credit back to you CJ!  Great job so far!  You really are an inspiration!


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