SUPERHUMAN30 Challenge: Day 4: What We Ate

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In the SUPERHUMAN30 Guide, we decided to make meal tracking a requirement. After all, if you want to improve something, you have to track it. Whether your goal is to lose weight or lift more weight, there is a lot of power in having a little notebook, or smartphone, by your side.  We want you to track everything that goes into your body, and everything you do to improve your overall health. The more positive things you find yourself writing, the better you will feel about yourself, and the more Superhuman success you will have.

Here’s a copy and pasted excel spreadsheet of Tony’s Meals for the first four days. I had to move the second half of the chart under the first half. Their color-coded by days so hopefully you are able to understand it. For the record, I did not eat Whey Protein w/ Wild Mahi Mahi (LOL), it may take you a second to figure out how to read this chart. In excel I also have columns for “Sleep amount”, “Daily Activity”, “Snack” after breakfast (which includes nothing so far as I’m usually working out at this time).

But like I said, when you write down what you’ve ate or what you’ve done, you can not only improve upon it each day but also be motivated by what you have done so far. I (Tony) was very proud of myself for leaving that “Post Dinner” column empty the first three days. If it wasn’t for a Dance Central 2 battle after dinner with my wife, then I probably wouldn’t be needing more food for energy the 4th night (and I just limited it to protein rich chicken breasts). I’m also very proud of how well rounded my meals have been with vegetables and fruits, something I’ve always skipped out on in lieu of more meat. FIND SOMETHING THAT YOU CAN REFLECT ON AND BE PROUD OF!

Here’s my chart:

Breakfast Lunch Snack
2 Eggs Scrambled Mixed Greens w/ Chicken, Onions, Balsamic Vinaigrette None
Whey Protein Shake w/ Almond Milk Post Workout Mixed Greens w/ Deli Turkey, Balsamic Vinaigrette 3 chicken tenderloins
Whey Protein Shake w/ Almond Milk Post Workout rotisserie chicken breast, sliced red apple, almond butter kale chips
Whey Protein Shake w/ Almond Milk Wild Mahi Mahi (leftover), cooked shrimp, broccoli slaw with onion dressing Brazil Nuts
Dinner Post Dinner Intense Workout
2 Eggs Scrambled with peppers, 3 Slices of Ham None (after 7) None
Cooked shrimp, rotisserie chicken, raspberry vinaigrette broccoli slaw None (after 7) Bench Press, Chest Flys
Wild Mahi Mahi w/ coconut shaving crust. Sweet potato. Avocado sauce. Cucumbers. None (after 6) Squat, Calf Raises
Shrimp “Enchiladas” in pasta-like sauce in lettuce wraps,  Cucumbers and Guacamole  chicken breast (at 730) None

A favortie post-workout meal using last nights leftover chicken & seafood:


Here’s a breakdown of a day of Paleo eating with Andrew:

10:30 am

Grass-fed Beef Burger

1 Chicken Thigh with “bread” crumb topping

Side of Sweet Potatoes (Made in the microwave! Click here for the recipe)

Side salad with diced tomatoes and balsamic vinaigrette

 3:30 pm:

Salad with Avocado, mashed up beef burger, and balsamic vinaigrette

 8:00 pm:

Wild-Caught Scallops cooked with a half can of tomatoes

Microwaved, frozen Brussels Sprouts

1 Apple

We’ve been so impressed by the creative Paleo Chefs that have joined the SUPERHUMAN30 Group on Facebook, and are sharing their awesome recipes with everyone.  We will have some recipes to post from the meals above in separate posts.  If you are still interested in joining the Superhuman30 or the Facebook group, click here.  Keep up the good work!

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