SUPERHUMAN30 Challenge – Day 8: Back to the Basics!

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The more I am involved with this Paleo way of life, the more I am amazed at how many great dishes can be made with simple, healthy ingredients.  Just in the past week on the Superhuman30 Facebook group, I have seen awesome creations like paleo spaghetti, curry chicken with cauliflower rice, kale chips, paleo pancakes, and ham and egg breakfast cups.  I have tried a lot of the recipes posted, and most of them taste even better than they look in the pictures.  (Thanks again to anyone who has shared one so far.)

With so many great recipes coming in, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the idea that every meal has to be a 5-star one.

It’s one of the mistakes I make whenever I get a new cookbook in the mail.  I want to try every recipe right away, and I tend to ignore the recipes that made me successful in the first place.

I want to remind everyone that just because you CAN make more complex, amazing dishes, doesn’t mean you have to attempt to do that at every meal.  Most of the tastiest meals are the ones you know how to make perfectly, over and over again.  They also happen to be the easiest to cook in bulk, which saves you lots of time and effort for future meals.  As we approach the beginning of another week of cooking and eating, don’t be afraid to keep things simple and stick to the basics.

To show you how often I repeat some of my meals, here’s a full description of what I ate for the last 5 days.  You will notice that most of my meals are repeated 2, 3, and 4 times.




12:30 pm- Stew beef stir fry, beef burger, cauliflower rice, microwaved sweet potato w/ pecans

12:30 pm- Salad w/ tomato + 2 hard boiled eggs, 1 microwaved sweet potato w/ pecans, stew beef stir fry w/ cauliflower rice

11:30 am- 3 eggs in green peppers, sweet potato hash

4:00 pm- 2 hard boiled eggs, 5 brazil nuts, banana

4:30 pm- Egg salad, Apple with almond butter

2:30 pm- Egg salad, sweet potato hash

8:00 pm- 4 Beef short ribs, green peppers, parsnips, cauliflower rice, and side salad

11:00 pm- 3 short ribs, small salad w/ egg

6:30 pm- Shrimp + Avocado salad, banana w/ almond butter




12:00 pm- Shrimp + Avocado salad

11:30 am- 3 ham + egg cups, bacon and mushroom side, slice of smoked salmon, peppers + cucumbers with guac, 1 star fruit

1:00 pm- 4 buffalo chicken thighs, side spinach, 2 star fruit

2:00 pm- 2 chicken thighs, peppers with guac, banana

4:30 pm- 2 buffalo chicken thighs, 10 mini peppers, tangerine, 3 brazil nuts

6:30 pm- hard boiled egg, pepper with guacamole

7:30 pm- 3 chicken thighs, cucumbers + mini peppers and guacamole, tangerine

7:30 pm- 2 plates of Paleo Spaghetti

9:30 pm- apple with almond butter



The other thing that will probably stand out to you about my meal plan is that my first meal of the day typically takes place between 11:30 am to 12:30 pm.  This is not because I sleep-in until that time, but because I am usually not very hungry until then.  A few months back, I experimented with an intermittent fasting approach (more info on that in a later post), and realized that I function much better in the morning when I have had little or nothing to eat.  I also realized that when I got out of the habit of thinking breakfast was the most important meal of the day, I stopped eating just for the sake of eating.

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