How to Teach Our Kids to Eat Paleo

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How is it that the most medically advanced country in the world can be the sickest?  How is it that billions and billions of dollars are spent each year to fight diseases that continue to spread like wildfire?  

The three leading causes of death in America today are heart disease, cancer, and stroke. What’s worst, these 3 things are very much controllable through changes in lifestyle and diet. Contrary to what doctors and the big drug companies want you to believe.

Heart disease is the #1 killer in America today. It claimed over 616,000 lives in 2007 alone (National Center for Health Statistics). 2 out of 3 people in America today are overweight. 50% of Americans are on some type of prescription drug. 52% of firefighter deaths in the line of duty in 2010 were from HEART DISEASE, THEIR #1 KILLER too!

1 out of 5 kids today are already showing signs of type II diabetes.  What used to be referred to as “adult onset diabetes” had to be renamed because our children were getting it.  SAD.

1 out of 3 children eat fast food EVERYDAY!!!

I don’t mean to sound like a cynic grandfather, but our nation is heading in a BAD direction. Since the 1970s, America has been on a 40-year tear of seemingly trying to lead the world in preventable, lifestyle-related diseases.  Don’t worry America, we are WINNING.

The Truth:  Any other species (dog, cat, rat, elephant, etc.) would see what was happening to them and change their ways in order to avoid sickness and death.

The Problem: No other species can manipulate each other like humans can.

I’ll let Grandpa Frezza rant this next paragraph (which is just me waving my fist in the air).

We are constantly being manipulated every day of our lives. Instead of allowing the true facts like statistics of rising heart disease, cancers, diabetes, and other illnesses to grab out attention; creative marketing, colorful packaging, and funny commercials are ruling the day. Our government provides us with nutritional guidelines, but they are completely manipulated by the food and drug industry.  We expect our parents to look out for us, but they have been brainwashed just as bad as our generation has. Even our grandparents have a much different idea of what food is now, compared to what FOOD WAS when they were kids.  

Studies are now showing that the dangers of SNACKING have overtaken the dangers of SMOKING. Diet related deaths are the #1 KILLER in AMERICA, when it comes to PREVENTABLE DISEASES.

The other day I was reading my favorite magazine of all-time, Entrepreneur, who just released their 2012 Franchise 500 list. Immediately I noticed how UN-Paleo most of the Top 10 was.  #2 Subway, #3 7-Eleven, #6 McDonald’s, #7 Denny’s, #9 Pizza Hut, #10 Dunkin Donuts. This list really speaks to our culture of finding the quickest piece of “food” to shove down our piehole, regardless of the damaging health effects.  Even though #11 on the list is a fitness center, it’s not saving our country from the direction were heading.

What to do:

1)      Teach our kids the power of REAL foods.

We lead by example. If we are consistently looking in the pantry or freezer for the substance of our meals, we are already setting our kids up for failure.  Our kids’ health is more important than the 15 minutes you just gained in your day by nuking pizza bites in the microwave.  They need to know the difference between fresh vegetables and frozen “chicken” nuggets shaped like another animal it didn’t come from.  It sounds incredibly cliché, but make “dinner time” into “family time” and teach your kids about what’s going into their bodies.

2)      Turn your healthy diet, into a healthy lifestyle.

My dad use to take my brother and me out to Burger King after basketball practice.  He let us pick which day of the week we wanted to go, but we could only go once a week.  My brother and I made sure we huddled together and planned out our “cheat” to maximize our happiness. I think Thursday Burger King tasted so much better than Monday Burger King because it made the school week seem shorter somehow. Our parents ate healthy and knew they couldn’t keep fast food away from us, especially since the Burger King wasn’t more than 50 yards away from the basketball gym. They instead showed us that “cheat” meals were a privilege, and even gave us the power to choose when to “spend” them.  The main point is that habits and lifestyles are contagious, especially to the younger crowd that looks up to you.

3)      Every time we make a food purchase, we are casting a vote.  

Our government gives almost $20 BILLION a year to the farming industry in order to keep commodity corn prices down. This is why corn goes into EVERYTHING, and everything it touches is that much cheaper because of it. There is one big problem, corn is not good for our bodies.  Maybe one day when our kids have kids, our government will throw billions of dollars at food that will actually help our bodies.  Until then, show your support for organically grown fruits & vegetables, grass-fed beef, cage-free eggs, and frequenting local farmers’ markets.  The grocery stores are already taking notice by expanding their organic and more “natural” choices.  There are also more Whole Foods and farmer’s markets popping up everyday.  This is a great sign people are voting with their health in mind.  Always remember the old adage “YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR” is especially TRUE for FOOD. 

4)      Treat your body like the gift it is.

I can still remember when I was little and my friends use to ask me if my dad was a bodybuilder or a professional athlete (he wasn’t either).  All I really knew about my dad was that he was…well…my dad. I also knew I wanted to be exactly like him and be a little bodybuilder too. I don’t know about you guys but I’ve only been given ONE BODY.  It is totally up to MY choices to dictate the quality of life I live.  Like many of you reading this, I also have goals to get into the best shape of my life this year.  But I also have long term goals, like being the best role model that I can be for my children.

If not do Paleo for yourself, Do It For The Kids!

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