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I decided to make a goal and action plan sheet to make sure people really knew WHY they were taking on this Sup50 Challenge.  Andrew and I can explain the amazing benefits of paleo dieting all day, but if you don’t know exactly why you are committing to it, then it will be easy to veer off track.

I hope everyone will print out their own, fill it out, and look back at it FREQUENTLY during the 50-day challenge.

Here is my filled out goal sheet. You can download your own blank one HERE.

Here’s Six Tips to Finding Your WHY


There is only “I WILL…”

You have to be assertive that these positive changes WILL happen.  There is no “I want” or “I hope for”.

I already wrote the “I Will…” into the goal sheet so you remember this point.  It’s so important to envision the things we want in life.  Don’t just say, “I want to be rich by the time I’m 40.” Say, “I will have a net worth of $5 million when I’m 40.”

Our dad was one of the greatest baseball coaches (according to my brother and I) that we’ve ever known.  He would emphasize the importance of goals and mentally picturing your triumph’s over and over again. He maintained that mental practice could be just as effective as physical practice if you did it right.  He had us picture big hits, great plays, and big wins over and over again, and they all happened, many times.

Picture your win of conquering the 50-Day challenge. Envision yourself taking that Day 50 picture and just being amazed (or shocked even).  Envision yourself being rewarded with a nice, relaxing July 4th vacation in the warm sun!


These are YOUR Goals, Not Mine

These goals have to be from YOU and for YOU. Each person seeking Superhuman health will still seek their own achievements.

Say you want to lose weight, a starchy vegetable like a sweet potato probably shouldn’t go on your list of “Foods You Will Eat More Of”.  Granted if all you ate was crap before then of course you will eat more sweet potatoes. But my personal goal for the Sup50 is not to lose any weight. I’d actually rather gain weight in the form of more muscle. So it benefits me to eat for my goals, and that means healthier carb sources such as sweet potatoes.

Cater your goals to you. Make them specific to what you can do…to what you WILL do.


Be Specific

Heck I don’t know if I can bench 315 lbs like I wrote in my goals, but I’m sure as hell going to fake it until I make it. I haven’t done a one-rep max in over a decade, but putting SIX big 45 plates on a bar at one time has always been something I admired and respected.

Same thing goes for dunking a basketball. I’ve worked on my jumping ability my whole life so I’ve been able to touch the rim for a while now, but I’ve never dunked. I set this same goal for the Superhuman30 in January and all I was able to manage was putting a golf ball through the hoop. I will dunk this time!

These goals are lofty and pretty tough for my current size (don’t think I will be growing any taller), but at least they are specific. They are something to reach for, and I won’t stop reaching until I get there.

I also have no idea if 1500 facebook fans is a reasonable number to reach in 50 days. I just know that my goal is to help as many people as possible. And 1500 is a real, concrete number.

Choose specific metrics over worrying how attainable they actually may be.


The 10 Foods To Avoid

I want to explain the use of this section. Since there isn’t an explicit rule banning cheating, we just want you to be as great as possible, as much as possible.

This means reaffirming in your mind what you WILL and WON’T eat.

Lets first talk about what I left out of the “10 Foods To Avoid List”.  I purposely left off dark chocolate (85% cacao content), red wine (cabernet or merlot), and Crown Royal (on the rocks, no soda added), because these are small cheats that I may use to my advantage during my 50 days (I’ve become somewhat of a pro at good cheats.)  I say my advantage because it’s actually helpful to have small rewards throughout your journey.  And if you have a special occasion to attend like a wedding (like I do), then it’s good to know you are going to enjoy yourself at it and indulge just a little.

No doubt there is plenty of bad stuff you can put on this list!!!  I don’t want you to be broad with your list and just say grains or dairy. Again, be specific to you. You have to pick those toxins that GET TO YOU! Hence why Nutella made my list! That sh*t is like cocaine.

I was kind of broad by listing “bread” since there’s bagels, sandwiches, burgers, restaurant bread (gets me every time), etc. but I eat so little bread ever that the source doesn’t really sneak up on me.

What bad foods were actually “staples” of your old diet? Have more than ten to list? Be our guess and fill that baby up!

This list is to show what you will eat NONE of.  Not one single speck of it. We weren’t explicit in banning cheating, but this is where you should be. Write exactly what you will give up for 50 days.


The 10 Foods to Eat More Of

Read through the list of Staple foods in the guide and pick the ten that you would like to eat more of.

This section has to be customized to you as well. I only recommend adding foods from the “healthy additions” section if your goals allow you to.

Most goals for the Sup50 are about weight loss. My personal goals are to gain muscle. This is why I have Berries and Sweet Potatoes on my list. Because they are awesome post workout carb sources to help rebuild muscle. I not only have a goal to eat them more, but I have an action plan for when I will eat them.


Describe the Action You Will Take

I included action steps as well as goals because these are more concrete things that you can do right NOW to get started.

We can’t just commit to getting “jacked” without clearly stating we will visit our CrossFit gym 4 days a week.  On the other hand, if we want to lose weight, its more than likely that you will have a goal of not eating within four hours of going to bed. Or maybe you will perform intermittent fasting two days a week, leaving only an eight hour window for you to eat in during those days. Maybe you want to drink more water so you set an action plan of drinking ten water bottles worth a day and make a check mark right on the label with each one you down and refill.

These are clear, defined steps to action.

Goals don’t happen without action, and action doesn’t happen without a plan.

If you have questions please feel free to comment below or over at our facebook page

Click HERE to download your own Goal Sheet!


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