Top 100 Paleo Diet Recipes Cookbook is Now Available!

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When we found out we had a recipe in Fast Paleo’s Top 100 Paleo Diet Recipes Cookbook we were beyond excited and extremely honored.  We really had no idea which recipe they would pick…since we love all our paleo diet recipes like our children.

They ended up picking one of our easiest recipes, a solid lunch choice that I often choose to make several times a week.

They chose our Wild Salmon Avocado Egg Salad!

Not only do we have the honor of being in the cookbook, but we get a chance to earn commission (and respect) for all the e-book copies that are purchased by our fellow Superhumans.

You can purchase the Top 100 Paleo Recipe Cookbook (and 4 bonus cookbooks) in downloadable e-book form for only $14.97- PURCHASE THE TOP 100 COOKBOOK.









We thank you guys so much for supporting our blog and purchasing this book through our link.

As you guys know from following this blog, we don’t sell anything…ever.

There are many paleo and diet guides and e-books out there and we’ve read through many of them, but we find it hard to sell our CrossFit box members or our fellow Superhumans something that we are not 100% fully in-love with.

If we are going to sell something, we have to absolutely love that product.

We LOVE this cookbook. 

A lot of cookbooks gain popularity with pretty pictures, or a few homerun recipes surrounded by filler.  Not this cookbook, or the FOUR BONUS COOKBOOKS you get with this cookbook. EVERY RECIPE is the brainchild of a healthy, hardworking blogger or trainer or chef that is passionate about great health. Every recipe in this book came from someone with a little Superhuman in them, and it shows through in the quality of recipes.

The bonus cookbooks in addition to the TOP 100, are TOP 10 Cookbooks of: Smoothies, Cookies, Muffins, and Ice Creams. (I’m really looking forward to trying the ice cream recipes! Something I definitely craved on our latest Superhuman40 40-day challenge that ended this past saturday!)

Check out our page from the book!!!








In the Top100, the categories are broken down into Baked Goods, Beef, Breakfast, Chicken, Dessert, Seafood, Pork, Slow Cooker, Salads & Vegetables, and Soups & Stews. How they narrowed it down to 100 paleo diet recipes amazes me. How they didn’t pick some more of our recipes like Sweet Potato Crab Cakes or Pumpkin Spice Smoothie amazes me too, haha.

Some of the highlights of the Top 100 I can’t wait to try…Pumpkin Whoopie Pies,  Coconut Flour Brownies, Classic Crepes, Coconut Pancakes, Honey Garlic Chicken Wings, Frittata, Chocolate Coconut Bars, all the paleo ice creams, Bacon Sushi, Bacon wrapped cinnamon sweet potato fries (and the many other bacon involved recipes)…  hmmm I’m noticing I want to try a lot of the desserts :).

Again, we thank you so much for supporting this blog and purchasing this cookbook. Please email us at so we can personally thank you for supporting us. As always, we love hearing your Superhuman stories of success.

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